Welcome to NUK

Welcome to NUK

NUK is the national and central state library of the Republic of Slovenia and the university library of the University of Ljubljana. The Library’s key mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate the national collection of library materials, to provide professional support to libraries in performing public service, to support the national bibliographic system and to participate in international networks of libraries. It is also a study and social meeting point for many generations of students and researchers.

Plečnik's palace

The Library Palace on the Turjaška Street is one of the most beautiful buildings in Ljubljana. It was designed by architect Jože Plečnik, and has been declared a Slovenian cultural monument of the highest order. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The library has moved into this monumental building in 1941. Plečnik built a real temple - a temple of knowledge and erudition - that envokes pride, wonder and humility of being surrounded by the greatness of the accumulated knowledge, as well as the curiosity and the desire to conquer it.

How can we help?

If you have a question about Slovenia or Slovenians, about literature in the field of humanities or social sciences, about the library’s services and products, or if you need support in using the information services, please fill in the online form. We will reply in the shortest possible time. Ask us: https://www.nuk.uni-lj.si/eng/node/296/

Remote advice for finding or using electronic information resources (e.g. dLib, COBISS+, e-journals and books, other databases) for research, writing of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation is made available via video call (Zoom).

NUK members can: 

  • borrow material in reading rooms and for home,
  • access to several million e-articles,
  • borrow hundreds of thousands of e-books,
  • use interlibrary loan,
  • copy from NUK-owned materials,
  • ask for help in complex searching for information about and
  • from the material,
  • have access to information advisory services,
  • study in the Main Reading Room, the Newspaper Reading
  • Room and the Special Collections Reading Rooms,
  • attend free of charge training courses for searching and using
  • resources independently.

Opening hours

Important contacts

Where to study?

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scheme of NUK floorsThe Main Reading Room

The Main Reading Room is the library’s most luminous and impressive, architecturally sophisticated space. It is intended for peaceful reflection, study and research. Only NUK members are allowed to enter. Book a seat in the cloakroom and leave your outer clothing there before entering. Use your membership card to enter the Reading Room and register your arrival at the card reader on the left of the entrance door. Any departure (break, end of studies) should also be recorded on the reader.

Newspaper Reading Room

The Newspaper Reading Room is on the ground floor, its entrance is at the end of the Computer and Learning space. It is meant for studying and reviewing the newspapers, journals, magazines and materials held by the Library Collections Department. The reading room also has readers for viewing microfilms, and computers for accessing digital editions of the Digital Library of Slovenia which are available only in the Library premises. Seat reservation is not required.

Space for group learning

The Space for Group Learning is in the basement, in the Plečnik Hallway. There are five working tables with connections for portable devices. The place is available to all library users. Unlike other reading areas, it is meant (also) for group work.

Computer and learning space

The Computer and Learning space is the central area of the ground floor, available to all library users for exploring and studying online resources. There are study places without computers and those for working with computers. The Information Centre also offers a self-service photocopier and a computer for viewing the digital editions of the Digital Library of Slovenia which are only available in the Library.


How to obtain Library material?

Our collections are kept in two locations. The material in the main storage is easily and quickly available, while the material kept in remote premises (Leskoškova Street in Ljubljana) is delivered to Turjaška Street once a day. Information about the material and its availability can be found in the COBISS+ electronic catalogue.

Interlibrary loan

If you cannot find the material you are looking for in the NUK library collections, you can order it from other Slovenian or foreign libraries. For further information, please call 01 2001 141 or email to illnuk@nuk.uni-lj.si.

Reproduction of Library material

The Library offers on-demand copying of library materials. You can also order copies of articles, newspapers and books (service EOD) online.

NUK collections

Slovenian diaspora publications collection 

The collection acquires, preserves, provides access to and makes available library materials created by Slovenes living around the world. It also holds the core collection of the “Forbidden Literature 1945-1991” (D-fond) which was kept separately from other material of the Collection. (contact: zbirke@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Ephemera and grey literature collection 

The collection holds ephemera (advertising, promotional and information materials) and grey literature (publications of international organisations UNESCO and OECD, user manuals, rules and statutes of the organisations). It is deposit library for international organisations UNESCO and OECD. (contact: zbirke@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Pictorial collection 

The collection holds postcards, photographs, posters, calendars, graphic folders, single graphic sheets, illustrations, drawings, etc., with particular strength on Slovenian authors and Slovenian territory, regardless of the time dimension. (contact: zbirke@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Map collection 

The collection keeps the cartographic slovenica collectionand nationally important works published in the country and abroad - manuscript, printed and digital plans, maps and atlases of Slovenia, as well as European and non-European countries.(contact: zbirke@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Manuscript collection

The medieval collection consists of more than 120 individual items and a collection of fragments, important collections belonging to Jernej Kopitar and Žiga Zois, bound manuscripts from various periods, manuscripts of folk literature and publications with autographs. The majority of the collection are bequests and archives of Slovenian poets, writers and other cultural creators. (contact: rokopisnazbirka@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Old prints collection 

The collection holds printed material dating from the beginning of printing, up to and including the year 1850, supplemented by old and rare old slovenica, and by older printed material related to the present-day Slovenian territory or individuals originating from today’s territory of the Republic of Slovenia and earlier territorial-administrative entities.(contact: rokopisnazbirka@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Music collection

The collection holds printed music and manuscripts of Slovenian musical works, as well as music sound recordings, music magazines, concert programs and documentary material on Slovenian musical creation and reproduction. The collection complements the reference collection of world music and lexical and bibliographic literature on musicians and musical works.(contact: glasbena-zbirka@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Film collection

The Collection keeps Slovenian and, to some extent, foreign feature films, documentaries and animated films on various media. It is complemented by videocassettes and DVDs with educational, promotional, cultural and other content produced by Slovenian publishers. It includes also the basic study and reference material, film leaflets, posters, film sheet music, manuscripts of screenplays and other types of material related to the Slovenian film and its creators. (contact: zbirke@nuk.uni-lj.si)

Electronic resources and services

Mrežnik and mEga search

The portal Mrežnik contains more than 100 selected electronic information resources to find scientific, professional and academic literature. Free and open access resources are available to all visitors of the portal; outside the library, licensed resources are accessible only to some members (via remote access).

E-books and Audio books 

In addition to printed books, library members can borrow electronic books offered by different provides (Biblos, EBSCO, de Gruyter, Oxford University Press), and audiobooks in Slovenian offered by the Audibook.

Digital library of Slovenia

The Digital Library of Slovenia provides free access to a wide range of digital content covering science, art and culture. It is an online information resource, an essential element of the modern infrastructure for educational and scientific research processes, and it is also a perfect tool for investigating the past - for work or leisure.

students in the reading room

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