About The European Heritage Label

dekorativna slika

The European Heritage Label is awarded to sites having a symbolic historical value in the process of European unification. The aim of the label is to contribute to strengthening the sense of belonging to a common cultural area, to promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, and to increasing the value of cultural heritage.

All EU Member States that are also members of the Creative Europe program can apply for the European Heritage Label. The label is awarded in three categories:

  • monument site in a Member State,
  • national thematic site in the same Member State,
  • transnational monument site thematically linked in several Member States, or an area located in the territory of at least two Member States.

Monument sites include monuments, natural, underwater and archaeological sites, industrial or urban areas, cultural landscapes, places of remembrance, cultural goods and objects, and intangible heritage associated with a particular site, including contemporary heritage.

European Heritage Label in Slovenia

In Slovenia, three monumental areas have received the European Heritage Label:

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