Creation of Bibliographic Records in the COBISS System

The National and University Library (NUK) provides the service of Creation of Bibliographic Records in the COBISS System for natural persons on the basis of an order. The service is charged according to the valid price list for NUK services. Bibliographic records are made to order only for publications, i.e., for resources that have been published, stored, produced, adapted or physically or electronically distributed for public use, regardless of the type of data record. We also create bibliographic records for constituent parts of publications. However, we do not create records for resources accessible on mass Internet platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc., for resources stored in cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc., or for resources accessible on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tinder, etc. When creating records for final theses (graduate theses, master’s theses, etc.), the regulations of individual educational institutions defining the protection and storage of these works must be taken into account. The creation of a record for a final thesis is possible only after the thesis has been defended and is normally undertaken by the libraries of the institutions where the thesis was defended.

For each resource, the author must fill in the COBISS entry form that is used at NUK. In addition to the required information, which is marked with an asterisk (*), other information that is relevant to the individual resource should also be entered.

Entry of a bibliographic record into COBISS is only possible on the basis of material: the author must provide the primary material to NUK in physical or electronic form. The only exception is when the material is already part of the NUK library collection, in which case the author does not need to provide the material. In the case of entering an individual work, such as a contribution to an anthology, both documents – the anthology and the contribution – must be entered. For resources that are available online in their entirety, providing their Internet address is sufficient. For performed works or events, proof of the work or event must be attached in a PDF or Word file (e.g., university confirmation of a guest lecture, conference programme, exhibition invitation, concert programme, etc.).

The libraries of research organisations (usually higher education and specialist organisations) are responsible for entering and supplementing bibliographic records that are the subject of researchers’ bibliographies. If the author does not have this option available, that is, if he or she is not part of a research organisation, the records can also be entered by NUK on the request of the author. In this case, the author determines the appropriate typology of the document in consultation with the library (the author is responsible for the appropriateness of the typology), taking into account the provisions of the Typology of Documents/Works for Managing Bibliographies in the COBISS System. Additional information about the evaluation of research performance and researchers’ personal bibliographies is available at the IZUM website.

NUK reserves the right to reject an order for the creation of a bibliographic record if the resource does not meet the above criteria.


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