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In 2020, the UNESCO National Committee for the Memory of the World Programme was established in Slovenia - it operates under the auspices of the National Commission for UNESCO. Its aim is to promote the programme for written cultural heritage – the Memory of the World. Its programme consists of several types of registers: international, regional and national.

In agreement with the UNESCO Office, the Slovenian National Committee has three representative cultural institutions preserving written cultural heritage: archives, libraries and museums. The Slovenian National UNESCO Committee for the Memory of the World Programme also includes two representatives: of the Ministry of Culture and the UNESCO Office of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO.

In the Memory of the World International Register, Slovenia has registered Codex Suprasliens which is stored at the National and University Library in Ljubljana.The Codex from the tenth century, considered to be the oldest surviving written document in the Old Church Slavonic, is preserved is three countries – in Poland, Russia and Slovenia.

In 2022, the Slovenian National Register was presented to the Slovenian public for the first time, with the first ten entries on the National Memory of the World Register. In principle, it will be updated at the national level every three years.

By the end of 2021, UNESCO National Committee for the Memory of the World Programme had received 60 nominations for inscription from all three heritage domains, as well as 20 nominations drafted by archives in previous years. On the basis of the standard programme criteria, the Committee, supported by sub-committees, made a selection for each discipline, separately for archives, libraries and museums.

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dekorativna slika

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