Dobrodošli doma (Welcome home)

June 30, 2022

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JUNE 30, 2022

Welcome Home is a traditional event that brings to Slovenia fellow countrymen from near and far, it is a gathering for all Slovenes living across the Slovenian border, Slovenes from around the world and expatriates. This year's meeting will take place in Ljubljana and Novo mesto between 30 June and 3 July. The National and University Library of Slovenia is proud to be have been involved in the planning of the meeting programme for many years, because NUK is the library of all Slovenes: not only it collects, preserves and disseminates the material created by our compatriots outside the borders of our homeland, NUK also actively maintains contacts with Slovenian communities and individual Slovenes around the world. Therefore, we will be delighted to host the meeting - already on Thursday, 30 June. The programme will continue in the following days, with the main event taking place on Saturday in Novo mesto.


Programme of the meeting at the National and University Library:

6 pm
Visit of the exhibition Plečnik's Library: Created for all times (with the authors of the Exhibition) and a tour of Plečnik's beautiful building 

The NUK Library Palace is one of Jože Plečnik's greatest masterpieces, it is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Plečnik’s birth, the library pays tribute to the Master Architect with the exhibition that tells the story of the planning, construction and life of the library which is an exhibit in itself - it is a blend of the local artistic tradition and classical architecture, of noble natural and everyday industrial design. Built with local materials and Slovenian hands, it is the home of the nation's identity. The architect has created the library for all times, with its many symbols he indicates that it is designed for all Slovenes.You are invited to relive the story of the birth and the life of Plečnik's palace together with the authors of the exhibition, and to get to know one of the greatest masterpieces of the Slovenian architecture on a guided tour through the exhibition.

7.30 pm 
Concert of the Ljubljana madrigalists, Makalonca - Harmony of Friendship

Literature and music have been intertwined, inspiring and complementing each other for millennia. Therefore, every library is a temple of knowledge, a source of inspiration and a cherished space. In the Main Reading Room, the most significant space of the Plečnik Library, members of the Ljubljana Madrigalists Choir will express this through music. The friendship between the architect Jože Plečnik and his neighbour, Fran Saleški Finžgar the parish priest of Trnovo, will be recalled. Finžgar often paid visits to Plečnik's house to exchange ideas, and the architect was fond of his vernacular language, full of sayings and quirks, and his enthusiasm for any spiritual work. One of them is Makalonca, a fairy tale with an international motif, that Finžgar has written down in 1944.  Plečnik created the graphic design for its publication. The friendship between two eminent Slovenes, imprinted in the words of their correspondence continues to inspire until present days - also the chamber mixed choir Ljubljanski madrigalisti, which will illustrate their relationship with a selection of folk, popular and sacred choral songs.

The concert will be followed by a social gathering in the hall in front of the Main Reading Room.

You are cordially invited to a pan-Slovenian meeting at NUK!



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