Notebook Plečnik

dekorativna slikaDetails of the Notebook

Title Plečnik
Drawings and thoughts Jože Plečnik
Concept of the notebook Maj Blatnik in Žiga Cerkvenik
Design Mia Sivec
Preparation and selection of materials Sara Milavec
Size 21 x 14 cm
Number of pages 192
Published by Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica
Price 20 €


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This unique notebook offers a singular glimpse into the intimate creative world of our greatest architect. It is made of a high-quality paper modelled on the notebook like the one used by Jože Plečnik. Its 90 pages are adorned with more than 150 drawings, sketches and notes from the master's sketchbooks and notebooks, which are kept at the Plečnik's house, of The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.


dekorativna slika  


"The final answer is that the aim of art is beauty." (from the diary of Jože Plečnik)


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