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Collection of Posters

NUMBER: about 10,000 units, of which 7,000 are digitized. It is one of the largest collections of posters in Slovenia.
ACCESS: You can search for posters on KatNUK. Digitized material can be found on the portal.
INFORMATION: Urša Kocjan, T: +386 1 2001 217


Description of the Collection

The collection comprising about 10,000 units, is one of the most comprehensive collection of posters in Slovenia. Most of them are movie posters, others are of advertising and political topics. Tourist, sports and exhibition posters can also be highlighted. The oldest one is from 1850. Among authors, there are also some of the most important Slovenian graphic designers - Maksim Gaspari, Saša Šantel and Ivan Vavpotič. In the 1920s, they introduced the Art Nouveau visual language in posters. The thirties are marked by the development of graphic quality, while design achievements are presented by posters of J. Omahen, D. Serajnik, P. Kocjančič, E. Šajn and J. Trpina. A special chapter, exceptional also on the European level, is the Slovenian partisan poster; as an illustrated political slogan it was created by I. Šubic, D. Klemenčič - Maj, N. Pirnat, J. Vidic and others. In the 1950s, many posters were created by G. Košak, N. Kalin, U. Vagaja, B. Fajon, and others, and at the end of the sixties, important stylistic and qualitative movements were made by P. Skalar, J. Suhadolc, M. Vipotnik, T. Kržišnik, Z. Papič and R. Jenko. During the last three decades, poster designers come from the Ljubljana School of Architecture - among the most important are R. Novak in M. Licul, E. Berk, and from the Academy of Fine Arts - H. Draušbaher, K. Gatnik, E. Bavčer …

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