Collection of glagolitic manuscripts and prints

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Collection of glagolitic manuscripts and prints

VOLUME:  some 60 units. The collection is being expanded.
ACCESS: material can be searched in the manuscript catalogue and in KatNUK. Gradivo lahko iščete po katalogu rokopisov in KatNUK.
INFORMATION: Samo Kristan, T: 01 2001 195; mag. Marijan Rupert, T: 01 2001 133; dr. Sonja Svoljšak, T: 01 2001 142; Matjaž Lulik, T: 01 2001 202



Collection description:

The NUK Manuscript Collection holds the largest collection of manuscript material written in the beautiful Slavic Glagolitic script; the material has been brought to the territory of today's Slovenia through different routes and historical situations. The material consists of printed material and manuscripts. Books printed in the 16th century in the Glagolitic script are particularly important – they were written at the Protestant Biblical Institute in Urach, Germany, under the expert guidance of Primož Trubar. The collection of old prints also includes some Glagolitic liturgical books, missals and breviaries printed in the 17th and 18th centuries. The most important collection of the Glagolitic manuscripts originates from the Zois Library, of particular importance are four codices that Zois had rebound them in his characteristic light leather binding. Each of the codices, which were created towards the end of the Middle Ages, in the 15th century, has a great artistic value. The Zois collection, which he himself entitled Slavische Sammlung (Ms 368), includes manuscript notes of his Glagolitic studies, transcribing of various fragments, the Glagolitic alphabet, and some of Zois's correspondence on the subject. The most important of the fragments in his collection is a homiliary from the first half of the 13th century - it is preserved only in fragments and consists of two parchment sheets. The Jernej Kopitar collection of Slavic codices also includes a Glagolitic liturgical codex from the beginning of the 15th century. The collection of Glagolitic literature also comprises a significant number of medieval fragments of various provenances and written material from later periods up to the 19th century..

Primeri iz zbirke:

 Missale Romanum glagoliticum (15. stoletje)
 Officium sanctorum glagolitice (15. stoletje)
 Breviarium glagoliticum I-II (15. stoletje)

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