Old Prints (1501–1850)

fotografija zknjig na polici

Old prints (1501-1850)

VOLUME: some 40 000 items of materials 
ACCESS: Old prints can be searched on KatNUK, digitized material at dLib.si portal.
INFORMATION: dr. Sonja Svoljšak, T: 01 2001 142; Matjaž Lulik, T: 01 2001 202



Collection description:

The collection ranks among the most important monuments of written cultural heritage in Slovenia. It comprises authors and titles of national, regional or of a wider importance, and fundamental works and numerous interesting resources on various topics that are invaluable for researchers of the history of science and culture.

The majority of the material, which also formed the basic collection of the Lyceum Library founded in 1774, originated from the burnt down Jesuit collegium, the collections of the Ljubljana Augustinians and the Barefoot Augustinian monasteries, from the monasteries of the Capuchins, of the Bistrica and Kostanjevica Carthusians, Cistercians from Stična and from the collection of the Duino Servites. At the end of the 18th century, the majority of the Gornji Grad episcopal library was also transferred to the then Lyceum Library. The mentioned libraries also hold some private collections from the libraries of the Zaule family of lawyers, from libraries of Bishop Peter Seebach and his son John the Baptist Seebach, the collection of Baltazar Radlič, Vicar General of Ljubljana, archdeacon Leopold Maximilian Rasp and from collections of other well-known historical personalities.

The collection also includes numerous books and libraries of noblemen, bourgeois, scholars and other collectors from the Slovenian territory, which were bought or donated to the Library as legacies. The most important are the Raigersfeld, Hohenwarth, Barbo-Waxenstein, Čop, Kopitar, Zois and Metelko libraries, and the collection of the Carniolan Society for Agriculture and Useful Arts. The latter also included books formerly owned by Baltazar Hacquet, or Anton Tomaž Linhart, respectively.

Among the most important private collections is the library of Karl von Peer, Vicar General of the Diocese of Ljubljana, and the library of Ivan Vrhovnik, a parish priest of Trnovo, which was acquired in 1933, which comprises numerous Slovenian prints from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Digital collections on the Digital Library of Slovenia portal: Ko mrtvi žive uče (When the dead teach the living), Janez Ludvik Schoenleben.

Digital copies of material from the collection can also be ordered here:  EOD eBooks on Demand

Your suggestions: you can enter your suggestions for digitisation of material from the Collection of Old Prints in the online form. Your suggestions will be saved and forwarded to the Digital Library Service. We will let you know if the digitisation is possible.


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Some of the popular science and expert articles on old prints kept in NUK are available in the Knjižničarske novice review:

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