Maps of our World (Zemljevidi našega sveta)

September 28th 2021–January 15th 2022

dekorativna slika

Maps of our World
Exhibition of the ljubljana secondary school of design and photography

The word map is most often used to denote the well-known Map of the World; however, we need to be aware that there are many different types of maps, their purpose is to present and capture different types of data.

In the digital age, everything goes through a technological process, and maps are no exception. It only takes a few clicks to get to know any place with its most detailed features, that are at once updated with any change.

In the spirit of modernity, we tackled the artistic challenge of how to recreate maps in an interesting way for a student in a very simple way. The project work was created and developed within the framework of teaching contents and creative workshops as part of the subject Fundamentals of Heritage Protection at the art grammar school. Each student had the opportunity to choose a place in Slovenia that in some way attracted him/her. They were joined by their attachment to a certain place, events they experienced in that place, their memories.

In developing the idea, they started from the oldest and most well-known form of the map, which in a two-dimensional way represents, as accurately as possible, a certain area made on a metric scale, i.e. much smaller of the actual size, but maintaining proportions. Strong emphasis was on the mental concept of the map, in which ideas, words, messages referred to a certain place and gave it a creative identity. The authenticity of maps is preserved in a two-dimensional way on non-woven textiles - fleece and in a simple line drawing, frequently without any colour, while modernism is reflected in a creative concept of thought, and a digital printing. In a colourful and youthfully mischievous way, cultural heritage of individual places, was highlighted – and united on an enlarged map of Slovenia.

The end products are a combination of modern technology and the imaginative design of young talents.



Authors of maps ///
Lea Arh, Mary Ann Blanche, Tristan Bevc, Saša Črnologar, Pika Hribar, Ana Hudobivnik, Stepan Kafidov, Rasta Loštrek, Tina Marković,
Maruša Perenič, Medeja Podobnikar, Petja Premru, Metka Strahinič, Urška Lota Tasič, Matej Zupan, Doroteja Zupančič, Lea Žlogar, Maša Erminio, Tamara Glavić, Nika Gosar, Tonja Gruden, Zala Jekovec, Živa Jurič, Ajda Kalan, Neža Kunaver, Sara Langus, Maša Zara Ličen, Eva Metelko, Matilda Mohorčič, Aljaž Ocvirk, Dilara Hati Orehek, Manja Pivk, Nina Plevnik, Ajša Podgornik, Maja Rodić Knez, Michele Strnad, Tana Štravs, Staša Zgonc, Eva Zupan

Authors of cultural heritage ///
Emilia Mežan, Eva Vuković, Eva Valenčič, Tia Raišić, Amadeja Keršič, Žan Zupan, Alja Pristov, Evita Dolenc, Taja Malnar, Zara Čotar, Jure Hüll, Maša Nikolić, Naja Musek Lešnik, Naomi Lorencin, Sara Sihur, Tia Seljak, Aleksandra Tisa Jelinčič Plemeniti, Brita Mandelj, Ana Vagaja, Lea Vagaja, Ana Cerk, Tina Mohorčič, Lara Muck, Rebeka Gombač, Laura Bizjak, Klara Farič

Karmen Klobasa, Rebeka Jerman
Aleksander Brezlan
Technical Support:
Alojz Strle
NUK Café, Plečnik Hallway

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