NUK Café

The NUK Café is like a pearl situated in the architectural shell of the National and University Library, a masterpiece of the famous architect Jože Plečnik. In 2000, during a complete renovation of the library, the place was designed by architect Mušič, a Plečnik's renowned student. Sheltered by books and silence, students can enjoy a few minutes of relaxation by taking excellent coffee, sweets, salty snacks or have a student lunch. The café is open to all visitors.

With KUD Arhiteka, a cultural and artistic society, various cultural events are organized in the café. Once a month, a new exhibition is on display, and excellent singers are guests at the Vocal Evenings. During the summer, a three-week festival is held in the atrium. Its programme is aimed at a wide range of visitors.

You are invited to attend our cultural events, or have a coffee in the beautiful setting.



mr. Andrej Ojstrež Kogovšek
T: +386 1 2001 149; +386 1 320 60 66
M: +386 40 621 611

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