Impressions 30, Memories of Slovenes around the World

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Impressions 30, Memories of Slovenes around the World
ocassional Exhibition on the 30th Anniversary of Slovenia's Independance

The exhibition presents personal memories of Slovenes from around the world on the time of Slovenia's independence process 30 years ago. More than sixty reflections linked to a short questionnaire sent to various contacts abroad and at home: members of the Slovenian ethnic minorities in neighbouring countries, Slovenes living in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and to returnees. With this global overview, the exhibition presents a fragment from the world map of memories and feelings experienced by Slovenes living around the world, and those who have returned to the independent Slovenia.

Individuals of different cultural, professional and social backgrounds spoke about this important and unique time in their memories, they presented their experience of independence processes, the organization of civic initiatives’ activities, and today's attitude towards the homeland. After three decades, the events are still alive - those that have already become part of the collective memory, and on the other hand - personal, known only to individuals, and maybe as a personal experience remembered solely by discussion partners.

The exhibition also features material from the collection of the National and University Library, which was prepared and published by Slovenes around the world during the time of Slovenia's independence process, or later as memory literature.

The exhibition is being prepared by the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, Collection of Slovene emigrants, Slovenes in cross-border areas and members of ethnic minorities and other ethnicities, and the National and University Library, Slovenian Diaspora Publications Collection.

Authors of the Research and the Exhibition
Tanja Roženbergar (SEM) in Helena Janežič (NUK)
Slovenian Ethnographic Museum

june–november 2021




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