Research group

On 30 August 1994, the National and University Library has been entered into the register of research organizations at the Ministry of Science and Technology under no. 258 as the National and University Library, Library Development Unit with Library Research Centre. Its code in the register of the Slovenian Research Public Agency (ARRS) is 0619. The Library's research group operates in the field of library and information science, as well as social sciences and humanities, and is registered in the ARRS records under number 0619-001. More information on the library research group is available in the Slovenian Current Research Information System (SICRIS) database.

Members of the research group are Library employees. They obtained research title in accordance with the provisions of the Rules on Research Titles (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, num. 126/08, 41/09, 55/11, 80/12, 4/13-corr., 5/17, 31/17 and 7/19) and the Rules on the Procedure for the Election of Employees to the Research Title in the National and University Library (30 August 2011). The research group currently consists of 13 employees with research titles and two professional associates.

Members of the NUK Research group

  1. Dr Alenka KAVČIČ-ČOLIĆ, Expert – Professional Research Councillor, Head of the Research Group (22497)
  2. Milena BON, Senior Professional Research Assistant (38096)
  3. Andreja HARI, Senior Professional Research Assistant (58414)
  4. Dr Irena EISELT, Assistant with Doctorate (30252)
  5. Helena JANEŽIČ, Professional Associate (31183)
  6. Dr Barbara JESENOVEC, Professional Associate (57311)
  7. Urša KOCJAN, Professional Associate (36866)
  8. Dr Jasna MALEŠIČ, Scientific Associate (27709)
  9. Milojka MIKLAVČIČ, Professional Associate (58599)
  10. Tereza POLIČNIK-ČERMELJ, Senior Professional Research Assistant (30571)
  11. dr. Mojca RUPAR KOROŠEC, Assistant with Doctorate (56463)
  12. mag. Marijan RUPERT, Professional Associate (24076)
  13. Dr Sonja SVOLJŠAK, Scientific Associate (32221)
  14. Mojca ŠAVNIK, Professional Associate (26370)
  15. Dr Renata ŠOLAR, Professional Research Councillor (20867)
  16. Dr Gorazd VODEB, Professional Research Councillor (20868)
  17. Dr Ines VODOPIVEC, Scientific Associate (31712) 

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