Slovenian Diaspora Publications Collection

dekorativna slika

The collection acquires, stores, provides access to and makes available library material created by Slovenians living abroad. As a corpus separatum, it keeps the core of D-collection "Forbidden Literature from 1945 to 1991" (so-called D-fund), which was set apart from the rest of the material (emigrant and diaspora) from the very beginning of the collection’s creation.

  • Collecting library material created by Slovenes living around the world,
  •  supplementing the NUK library collection with Slovenian literary works and works about the Slovenian language and literature (Slovenika) published abroad,
  • updating the basic D-collection – Forbidden literature from 1945 to 1991,
  • expanding the collection with Slovenian refugee prints between 1945 and 1949 from refugee camps in Austria and Italy,
  • supplementing the collection with emigrant literary and archival legacies, and material brought to Slovenia by returnees,
  • scientific-research and development work relating to the collection material,
  • providing bibliographic and professional information on material of Slovenes living around the world,
  • searching for and maintaining contacts with Slovenian communities and individual Slovenes around the world,
  • promoting the collection and NUK – to be the library of all Slovenes.

Information and Responsibility;

Access to Material
KatNUK (digitized material)

Helena Janežič (collection curator)
T: (01) 2001 113

Ordering material*
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*As Special Collections material is stored at different locations, a pre-order is necessary (material ordered by 11 am, will be available for viewing the next day).


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