Music Collection

The Music collection reading room (room 401) remains closed until further notice due to restoration work. Access to the reference materials (lexicons, terminological dictionaries, bibliographies, thematic catalogs, etc.) and collected works is not possible. You can view the material in the Newspaper Reading Room. Order it via the COBISS + catalog. Material ordered by 11AM will be available for review the next day. For information on material that cannot be found in the electronic catalog, write to

dekorativna slika

The collection holds printed music and manuscripts of Slovenian musical works, as well as music sound recordings, music magazines, concert programs and documentary material on Slovenian musical performance and creation. The collection complements the reference collection of world music, and lexical and bibliographic literature on musicians and musical works.

Information and Responsibility:
  • Supplementing the collection of musical material and musical sound recordings released in Slovenia and abroad,
  • collecting musical manuscripts, unpublished musical material and legacies of Slovenian composers and musical performing artists,
  • supplementing the collection of basic study literature, critical and scientific editions of world music,
  • selection of reference literature (thematic catalogues, lists of works, bibliographies and facsimiles of important musical works), and electronic databases in the field of music,
  • bibliographic processing of Library material,
  • scientific-research and development work relating to the collection material,
  • providing bibliographic and professional information on the material.

Information and Responsibility:

Access to Material
KatNUK (digitized material)

Dr Alenka Bagarič (collection curator)
T: +386 1 2001 151

Lidija Podlesnik Tomášiková, MA
T: +386 1 2001 236

Ordering material*
Reservation of seats in the Reasing Room

*As Special Collections material is stored at different locations, a pre-order is necessary (material ordered by 11 am, will be available for viewing the next day).

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