Financial and Accounting Office

Information and Responsibility:

Turjaška Street 1
1000 Ljubljana

Working Hours for Customers:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 2pm



  • preparation of accounting documents for keeping financial accounts of business events and transactions,
  • keeping and reviewing received accounting documents,
  • document system management and handling of invoices received,
  • controlling the recovery of claims,
  • care for material accountancy and accounting of fixed assets,  
  • payroll and allowances accounting,
  • keeping a general ledger,
  • drawing up VAT and other tax returns,
  • monitoring the use of budget funds, liquidity and solvency, and taking proper action,
  • exercising control over the use of budget funds, monitoring liquidity and solvency and taking appropriate action,
  • performing payment transactions,
  • participation in the implementation of the annual inventory of assets and liabilities,
  • balance adjustment of assets and liabilities to assets with book balance (inventory),
  • participation in development of business plans,
  • cooperation and coordination with auditors, tax inspectors and institutions,
  • ensuring operation and development of the business information system in the field of the office work,
  • participation in the implementation of projects,
  • risk management in the field of finance and accounting,
  • archiving original accounting documents,
  • monitoring and studying legislation, regulations and standards related to financial and accounting work, and with operation of the library.

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