National bibliographic Centre

Information and Responsibility:

Leskoškova cesta 12
1000 Ljubljana

dr. Ines Vodopivec
T: +386 1 2001 222

Working hours:
Monday–Thursday: 9am–2pm
Friday: 9am–1pm

CIP - Cataloguing in publication, ISBN, ISMN
T: +386 1 5861-330, +386 1 5861-314

Questions and initiatives in the fields of descriptive, cataloguing by subject headings and bibliography can be sent by e-mail to:


  • providing publications with cataloguing record (CIP),
  • providing international bibliographic control codes (ISBN, ISMN, ISSN) and other identification codes of publications,
  • bibliographic processing of library materials,
  • bibliographic processing of e-resources,
  • bibliographic processing of legal deposit material produced and published within the University of Ljubljana,
  • creating the library catalogue,
  • preparation and provision of information in the field of descriptive and content processing of material,
  • consulting in the field of bibliographic processing of material,
  • inclusion of data on the Slovenika publishing production in bibliographic collections,
  • production and publication of current and retrospective Slovenian national bibliography,
  • creation of expert recommendations and guidelines for creating bibliographies,
  • making of professional analyses, guidelines, instructions and manuals in the field of bibliographic processing of material,
  • coordinating in issuing and updating of cataloguing rules,
  • creating bibliographies of researchers and other bibliographic and information products,
  • participation in procedures for issuing permits to work in shared cataloguing,
  • participation in the development of the national shared bibliographic system,
  • coordination in drafting of professional bases for the national shared bibliographic system relating to the National Library field of work,
  • developing professional bases of the shared catalogue in cooperation with the library information service,
  • assessing qualification of library professionals for participation in mutual cataloguing in cooperation with the library information service,
  • care for quality control and editing of bibliographic and normative records in the shared catalogue,
  • coordination in the implementation of standards in the field of bibliographic processing of material, and implementation of normative control,
  • managing the cataloguing commission,
  • participation in development of professional bases for legal and other regulations in the field of librarianship,
  • participation in the library information, research and educational activities,
  • participation in projects and management of projects referring to the department’s work.

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