Acquisitions Department

Information and responsibility:

Leskoškova cesta 12
1000 Ljubljana
Irena Sešek
T: +386 1 5861 309
F: +386 1 5861 352


  • drawing up plans for procurement of material in cooperation with other library departments,
  • coordinating with other departments for obtaining material,
  • collecting publications according to the Legal Deposit Act,
  • obtaining legal deposit material created and published within the University of Ljubljana (hereinafter UL),
  • providing information and preparing instructions regarding the submission of publications as outlined by the Legal Deposit Act,
  • managing complaint procedures related to the submission of the Legal Deposit copies and purchases,
  • preparing of expert opinions on Legal Deposit publications,
  • purchasing of library materials and management with business documentation related to the acquisition,
  • recording, inventorying, technical processing and labelling of obtained material,
  • classification of material, and in cooperation with other departments determining its location data,
  • verifying, management and distribution of library materials,
  • obtaining data and maintaining lists of suppliers,
  • managing international exchange of library materials,
  • coordinating purchase and offers of library materials within the UL,
  • conducting training for publishers,
  • collecting and processing of data on the increase of material, and preparing reports and analyses,
  • participating in collecting data on the slovenika publishing production,
  • checking lists of write-offs and selection of library material from other Slovenian libraries to supplement collections of the National and University Library,
  • participating in drawing up professional bases for legal and other regulations in the field of librarianship,
  • participating in preparing professional analyses, guidelines, instructions and manuals in the field of librarianship,
  • participating in preparing tenders for purchase of materials,
  • participating in development of the COBISS system in the field of the department activities,
  • participating in the library's educational, research and information activities.

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