Presentation of the Picture book Rožmanova Lenčica


Fairy tale about Rožmanova Lenčica

Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska (1833-1854) is the first Slovenian poet, writer, composer, pianist and storyteller.

Her fairy tale Rožman's Lenčica marked the Slovenian and European fairy tale scene - it is the first theme about a heroine girl in our country. By choosing the theme and the heroine (girl-soldier), she wanted to highlight that such topic is desirable also in traditional Slovenian fairy tale classics, and her duty is to follow her mission and love for her native country.

According to professor Milena Mileva Blažić, the publication of this story enabled Slovenian storytellers to get “officially” integrated in the European women’s storytelling. In the international fairy tale index, the story has the number ATU 514 the shift of sex, known under the motive heroic / disguised / military girl.

In 1852, Josipina Urbančič, offered readers a special fairy tale for all generations; it carries a deep message about spiritual world of each individual, and his/hers role and mission in a society.

The action is focussed on a girl who is pouring lead in the water on the Christmas Eve to see a ring, which would announce her wedding the next year. Shortly after, she meets a boy. However, she decides to help her old father who has no male successor who would fight against the Turks. Thus, Lenčica goes to the army instead of her father, defends her homeland and her values, and eventually returns home as a winner: she marries her beloved Pavel on the Bled Island.

Presentation in National and University Library

Wednesday, September 9 2020, 12 o'clock in Manuscript, Old Prints and Rare Collection Reading Room of National and University Library. 

The story will be presented by Dr Milena Mileva Blažić, Pofessor at the Faculty of Education of the Ljubljana University, DDr Mira Worker Tauhami, illustrator Jelka Godec Schmidt, Ivana Kadivec, designer of the picture book and other books on Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska, and sculptor Christa Huber-Winter.

The cultural program will be performed by Neža Cerinšek with an fragment from the fairy tale Rožman Lenčica and Maja Špilar, playing a cross flute. The rich material on the Rožman Lenčica theme kept in the Library Collections will be presented, too.


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