Library during the coronavirus situation

The National and University Library is open to its users from 9am to 6pm (Saturdays from 9am to 2pm). 

In the Library premises, you can: 

  • Obtain ordered library material,
  • Collect ordered copies,
  • Return borrowed library material,
  • Complete the online registration process,
  • Empty a locker,
  • Extend your membership and settle possible liabilities.

On Thursday, April 30, the Library will be open from 9am to 3pm, from May 4 onwards

Before visiting the Library, you should order the Library materials via COBISS +. Please do not come to the Library until you receive a notification that you can obtain the ordered material. 
Please, fill in the online form before enrolling the Library.

Copies of the Library material can be ordered by email to
We recommend a contactless payment.
Please do not enter the Library if you have any signs of respiratory infection, fever, or you are feeling unwell. When visiting the Library, you should respect the Library's house rules in force at the time of the epidemic. Our services will be performed in accordance with the applicable recommendations of the National institute of Public Health (NIJZ) in a way that enables secure exchange to users as well as to the Library staff.

Many services can be used without visiting the NUK premises:

PROVISION OF INFORMATION Information is available from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm at phone number+ 386 1 2001 205, or at Questions can also be sent via online by using the web form. From Monday to Friday, users can have a direct live contact with the Library information officer from 10am to noon. You will be instructed how to search through electronic information resources and in forming thematic queries. Please, register to get advice by using the application Ask Us.

ACCESS TO LIBRARY MATERIAL IN DIGITAL FORM Material can be found by using the following links:

Digitalna knjižnica Slovenije (Digital Library of Slovenia) offers free and without charge access to a wide variety of digital contents in the fields of science, art and culture: books, magazines, manuscripts, pictorials, maps and other digitised materials. Public domain contents are accessible to everyone; Library membership or registration are not required.

The Biblos Portal holds a collection of e-books and e-journals in the Slovenian language. You can buy the material, NUK members or members of the Slovenian public libraries can also borrow it.

Mrežnik is the portal of information resources aimed at accessing rich collections of articles in electronic form, and magazines such as Pressreader (daily newspapers from around the world), Encyclopedia Britannica (for home study) and SAGE knowledge (encyclopaedias in the field of health, public health, psychology, etc.), and other material and information databases as well. You can also borrow about 200,000 e-books.

Portal Kamra collects digital content of local background in the Slovenian language; it is accessible to everyone; no Library membership or registration are required.

BECOME A LIBRARY MEMEBER Membership makes available some services that are not offered to non-members: borrowing of e-Books, interlibrary loan, access to licensed resources. You can register via the website, or send an e-mail to , or to renew your membership.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN Application for interlibrary loan of library materials can be sent via COBISS+, or via the online form. We will forward you material kept by libraries in digital form in the shortest time possible.

DIGITIZATION ON DENMAND – EOD The service enables digitization of books printed between 1500 and 1945. Thirty libraries from twelve European countries are participating in the EOD network. Order can be sent via the online form. You will be informed when the order is realised – it depends on the accessibility of the material. Library membership is not required.

ORDERING COPIES OF ARTICLES You should send a request about needed material to the address We will look up when you can receive a digital copy of the ordered title.

COPYRIGHT DEPOSITS AND CATALOGUING IN PUBLICATION (CIP) Copyright deposits can be delivered to NUK premises at the Leskoškova Street 12, from Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm. You will receive a certificate afterwards. Questions regarding the submission of copyright deposits may be addressed to, or you may call +386 1 5861 309. Cataloguing in publication (CIP) is not interrupted. For more information, please contact, or tel. num. +386 1 5861 325.

COBISS – Moja knjižnica


We invite you to follow notifications on the NUK website and social networks.

For ADDITIONAL DETAILS, we are available at , or on phone number +386 1 2001 205.


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