Beauty of a Book

14 February - 22 June 2019

naslovnica razstave

Kosovel's typography and design of books by Boris Balant is the first of a series of exhibitions in the Exhibition Room of the National and University Library – the exhibition is solely dedicated to the beauty of a book. Its leading idea is that the beauty of a book is equally important as its content. Hardly any readers are thinking about a book’s design, the invisible art, being aware of the effort needed that a text becomes a book. Behind a seemingly simple issue, there is hidden an extensive knowledge of design, materials, form of letters, layout and binding. The focal point of the exhibition is related to Kosovel's typography that was created in the process of forming of Dr Janez Vrečko's book entitled Constructivism and Kosovel. At that time, Boris Balant became acquainted with the title of Kosovel’s never-realized art magazine KONS that is kept in the Manuscript Collection of the National and University Library. Kosovel's sketch of the magazine cover encouraged Balant to develop a type characters from the word KONS. Kosovel's typography ultimately confirmed Balant's innovation in designing of books.

Dragan Živadinov, Meta Kojc
Exhibition Room NUK

Monday -  Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 1.30pm


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