“I am Cankar – That Says it All! “

September 26th 2018 - January 26th 2019

naslovnica razstave

»I do not want to write a book of philosophical advices, nor of deep poetical opinions and not benevolent advices: they exist to be despised. I believe that you will never look in your album at a fateful moment to search a comfort and a guide in it. Moreover, if you follow my advices you would not feel comfortable. I believe that my advices should be only a reflection of my life, guidelines, acts and consequences of my actions. However, my life is nothing but a ridiculous set of accidental nonsenses: nowhere there is a trace of a straight path, no sign of a definite idea, my actions are accomplished, they are dissected, suffocated in fruitless reflections. This leads to the only possible conclusion: a man must search for a solid, an average objective to wrap his life round it: like ivory round a tree, like an ornament of a pillar. Those who resign to their fate with eyes closed and sagging arms got shamefully lost some time or other. God is merciful if a man has been given a power to disappear voluntarily at the appropriate time…”

Ivan Cankar

What “Cankar” wants to convey? Is it enough to know only his popular name, as he says? There is no doubt, that he is one of the wittiest intellectuals who have ever written in Slovenian. He is also a man who can teach others, as he is a complex and a unique personality who, from his extremely difficult living conditions, succeeded to create something really beautiful and great, and who grew into a symbol.

The exhibition will present a selection of letters from the writer's legacy kept in the Manuscript, Rare and Old Prints Collection of the National and University Library.

Letters are windows in the author's world, a place where life is most directly converted into writing. Cankar's letters speak about his family, friendship, love, money, learning, ideals, plans and disappointments: now, a turbulent century later, they are still perturbing, attracting our attention.

What can Cankar tell about the letters, himself and about us? We are tempted to agree with him: everything.

Žiga Cerkvenik, Marijan Rupert, Silvan Omerzu
Exhibition Room NUK

Monday -  Saturday 10am to 6pm

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