From Many Lands

March 22nd - May 31st 2018

naslovnica razstave

TOn the 120th anniversary of Louis Adamič's birth, the exhibition in the National and University Library wants to remind of the most successful Slovenian immigrant writer, public official, journalist, literary critic and political adviser. The exhibition aims to recall his important contribution in promoting awareness of fundamental social values, such as social justice, social inclusion, equality, democracy, freedom of conscience and independence.

Adamič arrived to America from the village Blato near Grosuplje as a fourteen-year old boy. The greatness of the new homeland fascinated him although he had a hard time making a living. Due to his ability to observe the world critically, he became an acclaimed writer, a civil servant in the field of immigrant issues and a political adviser. His work was appreciated in America and his native country.

Between 1910 and 1919, during the decade of Adamič's arrival, almost eleven million people immigrated to America; in that period, America had one hundred million inhabitants. Adamič believed, that America was in the period of its development, therefore, he emphasized the importance of diversity and creative potential of immigrants and their descendants. His personal experience and hard work during the first years of living in America, and his contacts with many immigrants inspired many of his works, describing the problem of immigrants and the development of cultural pluralism.

In 2018, the Sophia publishing house will publish translation of his book from 1939 »From Many Lands« - Iz mnogih dežel. The book was awarded the »1940 John Anisfield Award« as the most important book on ethnic relations in the modern world.

The exhibition focuses on the author’s contribution to a deeper understanding of immigration, and the importance of social inclusion, economic equality and recognition of cultural ethnic differences for creation and development of modern democratic societies that must be based on equality and equal opportunities for all. In addition to Adamič's life story, his political work will be presented and his visionary approach emphasized. By drawing attention to the fundamental problems of society and social systems, his works remain relevant nowadays. 

Aljoša Pelhan (NUK)
Exhibition Room and Main Lobby NUK

Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm



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