Book art in Croatia

March 6th - March 19th 2018

naslovnica razstave

The exhibition Book Art in Croatia - prepared by the Croatian national library, marks the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Its aim is to present and promote the Croatian cultural heritage. The exhibition provides a historical overview of producing and get-up of the book in Croatia from the middle ages until today. Handwritten and printed books with a variety of topics and content are presented - from medieval evangeliaries and missals to contemporary illustrated editions and graphic-literary maps. By their design or harmonization of visual and graphic equipment with content, they place among outstanding achievements of the artistic design of books in Croatia.

A selection of sixty units of material are displayed, also the original Beram Missal (14/15th century) and other facsimiles. The accompanying publication to the exhibition has the introductory essay and the catalogue with a short description of the material.

The jointly organized exhibition strengthens the long-term cooperation between the two libraries.

Milan Pelc, PhD (NSK)
Exhibition Room NUK

Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm



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