Portrayal of Slovenia during the National Awakening

19. oktober - 25. november 2017

naslovnica razstave

The exhibition coincides with the publication of the monograph Podoba Slovenije v obdobju narodnega prebujenja – upodobitve slovenskih krajev iz sredine 19. stoletja (Portrayal of Slovenia during the National Awakening – Representations of Slovenian Places in the mid-19th Century). Its author is Ivan Stopar, the most important Slovenian researcher of illustrations of Slovenian places. For the first time, the monograph comprehensively presents vedutas of the Slovenian territory, published as series of graphics in the mid-19th century. The middle of the 19th marked the flourishing of the veduta painting on the Slovenian territory – several graphic folders with quality lithographic paintings of the major urban centres, landscape and architectural attractions were created. Wagner's vedutas of Carniola and Carinthia and Josef Kuwasseg‘s vedutas of the Slovenian Styria occupy a special place, as well as a number of vedutas of our health resorts, in particular Rogaška Slatina, Bled, Dobrna and Rimske Toplice, renowned throughout the Central Europe. The co-author of the exhibition is publisher Primož Premzl, a devoted collector and expert on the 19th century Slovenian graphic heritage.

Primož Premzl (Primož Premzl Art Studio), Dr Renata Šolar (NUK))
Exhibition Room NUK

Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm















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