The Black Art in Colours

20th June – 22nd September 2017

naslovnica razstave

The exhibition focuses on the co-existence of mechanical (the black art) and manual (painting and colouring) manufacture of the 15th century book. The earliest prints kept many structural features, which have been developing during the manuscript era. Nevertheless, the aesthetics of the Renaissance painted decoration, and illustration is a product of its time. It is expressed with distinctly different features, and attitudes towards realism, symbolism, and elements originating from antiquity, when it was made North or South of the Alps.

The fourteen exhibits are therefore arranged into two groups: those, which received their decoration in the German countries’ styles, and those, which were embellished by the Italian masters’ brush. We also added a couple of close-ups, illustrating the artists’ distinctive styles.

The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue (available in the NUK gift shop on the ground floor, room 038), comprising descriptions of the exhibits, an introduction of NUL’s incunabula collection, and an overview of 15th century book painting and illustration characteristics, including a selection of more than 90 most interesting details.

The visitors can also decorate their own incunabulum in the creative corner.

Nataša Golob, Sonja Svoljšak, Marijan Rupert (NUK)
Main Exhibition Hall and the lobby of the Main Reading Room

Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm









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