Borrowing material for reading room use

The majority of material is kept in closed storage where users cannot access the book shelves. Information on material and its accessibility can be found in the computer catalogue - KatNUK.

You can order material from the reading rooms with a "for reading room" status or a "Circulation Desk" status.

You can order materials for reading rooms by clicking on the "reserve" button at the bottom of the page in the Reservation tab. When ordering, select the pickup location or reading room where you would like to use the material. Log in with your membership card number and password and complete your order. You can also order materials via the Stock tab. You will receive an email notification when the material is ready for you. Some types of material can only be used in a specific reading room. The material will be waiting for you for 7 days. 

If there is no "reserve" button in the Reserve or Stock tab of the CatNUK (COBISS+) catalogue information, then you can order the material in person at the NUK by filling in a handwritten (yellow) promissory note or by contacting Special Collections. On the promissory note, you write the signature from the computer catalogue, the details of the material (including the year or volume for periodicals) and your details. You can submit up to 15 promissory notes at a time. You will not be notified separately of the delivery of the material ordered by promissory note. For more information call 01/2001 205 or email

Material held in a remote storage is delivered on a special schedule.

Materials borrowed from the Reading Room must be returned the same day. If you wish, it can wait for you at the Reading Room Information Desk until the next time you use it. Library materials can be reproduced by arrangement with the librarian who lent them to you.

If you need an article, we can send you a copy by e-mail.

If you cannot find the material you are looking for, please use the Ask NUK service.

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