Borrowing material for home loan

The majority of the material is kept in closed storage where the users cannot access the book shelves. Information on the material and its accessibility can be found in the electronic catalogue - KatNUK. Only items available for home loan can be checked out (status "available - outside loan").

Library members without permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia can only borrow material for home use with the guarantee of an adult person with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia; a written guarantee must be signed by the guarantor. 

  • Before borrowing for home loan, the desired material must be ordered via the electronic catalogue - KatNUK. However, material stored in special library collections designated with the code letters D, EU, G, M, or PKG before the call number is only available in person in the specific collection rooms, usually with no waiting period.
  • Items are ordered by clicking the “Reserve” button, which opens a form. In the form displayed, enter your library card number and the password you chose when registering or your password for access to the COBISS – My library web service.
  • When requested items are available, a notice will be sent to the e-mail provided in your registration form. Items from storage at Turjaška ulica 1 (with no code or GS or U before the call number) will be delivered within 30 minutes after placing the order. .
  • The loan period is 30 days. If the item has not been reserved by another user you can renew the loan for up to three times. After 120 days it must be returned for inspection. You can borrow it again immediately if it has not been reserved.
  • If you cannot find the material, use the Ask NUK service.
  • You can borrow a maximum of 15 items at one time. If you need to borrow more items, please send a request to
  • You cannot order library material if you have outstanding library charges.
  • The membership card is not transferable, meaning you can only order and collect items in person. Exceptionally, in case of clear grounds (illness, for example), another person may borrow items on your behalf with your authorisation (print out a form or send information about the authorized person to This person may also be able to renew a membership, settle a library debt, or return your membership card on your behalf.
Video instructions on ordering library material for home use


For additional information on borrowing material please contact us at or call + 386 1 2001 143 or + 386 1 2001 205 Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm and Saturday between 9 am and 2 pm.

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