Ordering copies of articles

Ordering copies of articles is a service where you can order copies of material needed for study, work, or pleasure. Data on articles is available at COBIB.SI.

You can submit your order:

If you require a large number of articles, you are advised to submit your order by e-mail. You can also order articles available outside the NUK collection. In this case, the library will try to get them from other libraries.

The copies are transmitted via e-mail (if allowed by law) and a visit to the library is not necessary. You can also collect your copies in person (ground floor, Room 4). The cost of copies is given in the current NUK price list.

type cost for NUK members cost for non-members
Type of service
Cost per unit for NUK members
Cost per unit for non-members
copy of article from printed magazines, journals, etc.
(delivery by e-mail)
   - up to 15 pages 3,50 EUR 5,80 EUR
   - each additional page 0,12 EUR 0,12 EUR
copy of article from e-magazines, journals, etc.
(delivery by e-mail)
1,70 EUR 3,50 EUR


Method of payment:

  • Bank transfer,
  • Moneta (for NUK members),
  • In person (ground floor, Room 4).

When an order is submitted, a cost estimate and description of possible methods of payment will be sent to the e-mail address provided. Copies can be sent to library members with no overdue fines before the fee is paid. For non-members, copies are sent after the library receives confirmation of payment.

The use of library material is intended exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes. For additional information, please call + 386 2001 143 or send e-mail to izposoja@nuk.uni-lj.si.

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