On the 150th anniversary of the Dramatic Society: Readers’ Society Movements on the Slovenian Territory

naslovnica razstave

Battles fought out by France Prešeren and his followers didn’t mean victory for them; new aspirations for equality of the Slovenian language and consequently, of the nation were needed. From 1860 to 1870, there were reading societies with their varied activities that took over the baton. Reading rooms were places where people gathered, shared their opinions, and discussed scientific, historical, linguistic and other national issues. Thorough cultural life, the national and political awakening of Slovenians strengthened. Reading rooms played a significant role also in the development of the Slovenian language. Within the reading movement, the Dramatic Society was established in 1866; its aim was to write, translate and publish dramatic works. As a result, a year later, a collection of Slovenian plays entitled Slovenska Talija (Slovenian Talia) was published. As Tthe first important steps towards strengthening of the dramatized Slovenian word were made 150 years ago in reading rooms, the exhibition aims to further explore their importance for national development. The Digital Library of Slovenia keeps a rich treasury of material that bear witness on readers’ societies as the period of the national awakening. After ten years of collecting, digitizing and indexing of historical collections, it is time to show the treasures to the general public.

Our objective is to weave material into meaningful stories testifying the importance of documents of the past for the future.


Mojca Šavnik (NUK), Manja Gatalo (NUK)
Exhibition Room NUK, Main Reading Room, Newspaper Reading Room, NUK Cafe
Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm.


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