90 years of the Slovene PEN Centre

naslovnica razstave Podobe slovenske Štajerske

The Slovene PEN was founded in 1926, in Ljubljana. The founding members included Janko Lavrin, France Stele, Izidor Cankar, Fran Saleški Finžgar, France Bevk, Prežihov Voranc, France Koblar, Josip Vidmar and Oton Župančič who was its first Chairman.

The exhibition on the 90th anniversary of the Slovene PEN will present all important events: its foundation and successful defence of the persecuted writers from Primorska and Carinthia, its accusation of fascism and Nazism at the Dubrovnik Congress in 1933, the prohibition of PEN activities in 1941, resumption of its activities in 1962 and the World Congress at Bled in 1965 that recognised the organisation’s reputation as a meeting point of the East and the West. The traditional Bled Meetings and the PEN promotion of the freedom of expression will also be presented, as well as its commitment to protect democratic values, national identity and the rights of minorities.


Samo Kristan (NUK), Urša Kocjan (NUK)
Plečnik's Hallway NUK
Monday - Friday: 8am and 8pm, Saturday: 9am in 2pm.


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