Children's Illustrations by Polona Kosec

naslovnica razstave - Ilustracije Polone Kosec

The exhibition will present Polona Kosec's illustrations of fairy tales written by Franci Rogač (Pravljica o gozdnem škratu and Kresniček Bal) and her illustrations of children books written by Adi Smolar, one of the most popular Slovenian singer-songwriters; during the last years, he has written also several books for children and youths. Polona Kosec's illustrations in Smolar’s books Jezikovni kotliček, Zgodba o rolici papirja and Zgode in prigode Tečka Sitnobe 1 will be exhibited.

The fine arts is relying on visual feeling – it communicates with visual messages. A picture book is therefore a special type of literature in which illustrations play an important role: with the text of the book, the illustration represents a specific type of communication between the author and readers – children.

The exhibition will present a diversity of illustrations (both in format and technique) made between 2007 and 2013. By focusing on details and colour, visitors of the exhibition will become aware that the exhibited illustrations upgrade the text; they adapt to reader's age and, last but not least, the needs of the print. As all five books will be exhibited as well, it will be possible to compare original illustrations with the printed ones (in the books).


Polona Kosec
Plečnik Hallway
Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm, Saturday: 9am - 2pm.


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