On the 75th Aniversary of Breda Smolnikar

naslovnica razstave Vuk

Writer Breda Smolnikar has a special place in Slovenian literature; her work can be described as a constant and persistent struggle for her own artistic expression and freedom of writing that allows no compromises, neither personal and editorial nor ideological. Therefore it is understandable that - with the exception of her early youth texts, almost all her works were published by the author. Stories and novels she had written in the eighties under the pseudonym Gospa (Madame), astonished literary public with their extraordinary creative power and quality. The publication of the novel Ko se tam gori olistajo breze (When the Birches up there are Greening ) was followed by a long and painful trial setting precedence in Slovenia. Only in 2007, it ended with a judgment of acquittal. During this period she used different strategies (locked, sealed, voice books ...) to avoid senseless censorship of the judicial proceeding; in a demonstrative manner she struggled against restrictions on freedom of writing.

In addition to her printed opus, most interesting material from her personal archive that she has recently donated to the Library Manuscript Collection will be displayed.

The extensive court dossier will complement her correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts and preparations for writing to enable an exciting and direct insight into the creative process of the writer. 


Daša Pokorn (NUK) in Marijan Rupert (NUK)
Exhibition Room NUK
Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm, Saturday: 9am - 2pm.


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