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Areas of Responsibility

  • The Collection acquires serial publications in print and in non-print forms, provides entries, keeps newspapers and current numbers of other serial publications, and provides access to users. It co-operates in the development of the Digital Library of Slovenia.


NUK holds the largest, most comprehensive national collection of serial publications dating back to as early as the very beginning of journalism in Slovenia. The period was marked by the most read and influential German language newspaper at that time Laibacher Zeitung (1788-1918) with the supplements Intelligenzblatt and particularly Illyriches Blatt (which was in the focus of the cultural life in this area during the Prešeren era). The first Slovenian newspaper was Lublanske novize published by Valentin Vodnik in 1797, and after a long break, due to historical circumstances, followed Kmetijske in rokodelske novice (1843) started up by Janez Bleiweis. Gradually the complete Slovenian territory was covered by the publication of Slovenski gospodar (1866) and Slovenski narod (1868), which was the first Slovenian daily, then followed Soča (1871) from Gorizia and the other Slovenian daily Slovenec (1873), then Mir from Celovec (1882) and Edinost from Trieste, which was the third Slovenian daily at the break of the century, and Ljubljanski zvon (1881) and Dom in svet (1888) with the articles on culture. In the next century, all these and other titles were followed by a flood of periodicals and a range of youth, literary and political newspapers of different movements and orientations because the focus of the publishing market moved to the newspapers and periodicals due to fast development in various fields and rising needs for quick and current information.

Serial publications are published in a succession of discrete parts, usually numbered/or dated with no predetermined conclusion. The majority of the collection consists of the newspapers and journals. Newspapers are mainly issued in a bigger format and short successive periods (daily or weekly) and they cover current events in a popular style. Journals include fictional, professional or in any other way specialized content intended for a narrower circle of readers and are usually published in longer intervals. Besides newspapers and journals, the collection also obtains other periodical publications.

NUK preserves all Slovenian newspapers and journals, mostly in printed medium, and more often on other media, the most threatened and most used titles also on the microfilm. We subscribe to approximately 1000 international titles of serial publications yearly.

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