Music Collection


Turjaška 1
1000 Ljubljana

dr. Alenka Bagarič
T: + 386 1 2001 151

Opening hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9.00 to 14.00
Wed: 9.00 to 18.00


mag. Lidija Podlesnik Tomášiková
T: + 386 1 2001 236

Jožica Habjan
T: + 386 1 2001 214

Areas of Responsibility

  • To collect, process, preserve, represent and make available the primary national music collection, including legacies of the Slovenian composers, archives of music associations and institutions, printed music, sound recordings, music journals, documentation on music institutions and events, music editions and sound recordings of the Slovenian musicians published by the international publishers, music iconography, music literature etc.
  • To co-operate in the compilation of the Slovenian National Bibliography for music material.
  • To provide information and reference services, and educational activities.
  • To provide lending of the contemporary library material and listening to sound recordings.
  • To prepare exhibitions.
  • To co-operate in the development of the Digital Library of Slovenia.

Valuable music material

  • Protestant books and books of songs in the Slovenian language.
  • Choir books from 16th century.
  • Musica Nicolai Listenii from 1537.
  • Di Cipriano Rore li madrigali cromatici from 1562.
  • Liber sacratissimarum Blasiusa Amona from 1582.
  • Opus musicum by Jacobus Gallus.
  • Musurgia universalis by Athanasius Kirchner from 1650.
  • Musikalisches Lexicon by Johann Gottfried Walther from 1732.
  • Gradus ad Parnassum by Johann Joseph Fux from 1725.
  • Catolish kershanskiga vuka peissme by Ahac Steržinar from 1729.
  • The archive of the Ljubljana Philharmonische Gesellschaft from 1794 to 1919.
  • A transcript of the Beethoven‛s Sinfonie pastorale with composer‛s own corrigenda.
  • The manuscript of Figaro (1790) by Janez Krstnik Novak.
  • Slovenska gerlica between 1848-1962.
  • The archive of the Music Association in Ljubljana in the period 1872-1945.
  • The archive of New Chords.
  • Legacies of the most important Slovenian composers.

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