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Library Research Activity

One of the statutory objectives of the National and University Library (NUK) is also research work in the field of library and information science that is coordinated and carried out by the Research Department (ODRAZ). The research activity is carried out within the framework of research projects which enable the development of NUK and the library system activities, as well as research projects financed from the Republic of Slovenia public funds. The library is also involved in international projects, thus acquiring additional knowledge and experience and strengthening international partnerships. Involvement in national and foreign projects guarantees development of the Library activities and networking at national and European level.

NUK conducts research activities in accordance with its mission and strategic orientations, primarily in the areas of protection and preservation of library materials, digitalization and creation of digital library, and in the fields of ensuring access, use and permanent preservation of electronic publications. A significant part of the department' s activity is also a constant monitoring of national and international calls for projects, and the preparation of application forms for tenders. Within the research activity, statistical measurements on the work of Slovenian libraries are also carried out, as well as processing and publication of statistical data and performance indicators of libraries.

Collected data enable the analysis of library activities and the determination of their development and performance.

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Dr Alenka Kavčič-Čolić
Head of Library Research Department
T: (01) 2001 131
F: (01) 4257 293

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