Acquisitions and Resource Management Department


Leskoškova cesta 12
1000 Ljubljana
Irena Sešek
T: + 386 1 5861 309
F: + 386 1 5861 352

Areas of Responsibility

  • To obtain legal deposit of the publications, which have been published, issued or produced in the Republic of Slovenia, or imported and adapted for the distribution in the Republic of Slovenia, as outlined in the Legal Deposit Act.
  • To select, order and obtain library material by purchase, exchange or gift according to the Collection Development Policy, including old Slovenian material of outstanding importance for the national identity (manuscripts, incunabula, old prints until 1830), material in the Slovenian language or translated from the Slovenian language, about Slovenia and the Slovenians, by Slovenian authors or publishers (called »slovenica«) which is published across the world, research-level monographs, scientific and professional periodicals and newspapers, and reference material in other languages (focused on the humanities and social sciences), official and government publications, cartographic and pictorial material, music material, e-resources in all fields of science.
  • Exchange of material: NUK provides access to the Slovenian publications in other countries by supplying the library material to the national and university libraries all over the world.
  • To shelf mark and label library material and to keep accessions registers.
  • To distribute legal deposit copies to other libraries entitled by the Legal Deposit Act.

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