Access to materials

slika knjige knjižnicaMost of the library materials are kept in closed storage, so users can not access the bookshelves by themselves. Information on the materials and their accessibility can be found in the electronic catalogue KatNUK (the COBISS/OPAC, local NUK database). You can ask for assistance from the information officer in the Information Centre (ground floor, room 9).

When you open a record for the selected material in KatNUK catalogue, you will find the number of available copies held by the library at the bottom of the page. Each has a call number, i.e. information of where it is stored. Codes appearing before the call number direct you to its location:

locations of the library material
call number location
b The material that was in the collection of the Library and Information Science Collection is in the main storage (delivered to the Main Reading Room or to the Registration and Circulation desk in 30 minutes).
Č The Main Reading Room
D Slovenian Diaspora Publications Collection
DS, UDS, MDS Dislocated storage
(materials ordered until 10.30 AM are delivered to the Main Reading Room or to the Registration and Circulation desk after 1 PM)
EU, PKG Ephemera and Grey Literature Collection
G Map and Pictorial Collection
GS Main Storage (materials are delivered to the Main Reading Room or the Registration and Circulation desk in 40 minutes)
M Music Collection
P, SP Serials Collection (available in the Newspaper or the Main Reading Room)
R, RR Manuscript, Rare and Old Prints Collection
RF Information Centre
ZST The Collection of old prints  ‐ printed before 1850  (available in the Reading Room of the Manuscript Collection)



  • Material which can be viewed in reading rooms only should be requested with a Reading Room Order form at the Registration and Circulation Desk (Ground Floor, Room 4), in the Main Reading Room, or in the reading room of the collection in which it is kept. Complete the order form with the KatNUK call number, data about the material and your personal data..
  • If the call number is blue, you can order the materials by clicking on the number. Enter the number of your library card (below the bar code) and the password for the COBISS - My library web service.
  • You can submit 15 order forms at one time. The material must be returned on the same day. If you want, it can be kept for you at the Information Desk until your next visit..



  • You order the material by using the electronic catalogue KatNUK.
  • Users without a permanent residence in the RS need a guarantor to be able to borrow materials for home use.
  • Material that can be taken home is marked “available - outside loan”. It is reserved by clicking the button “Reserve”. The form will ask you to fill in the number of your library card (below the bar code) and the password for the COBISS - My library web service.
  • You can borrow a maximum of 15 units at a time. If you would like to borrow more items, please send your request to
  • You can collect the requested materials at the Registration and Circulation Desk after 30 minutes of ordering. Materials kept in special collections have to be accessed in the collection’s reading room, while materials from Dislocated Storage will be delivered according to the schedule found on the website.
  • Ordered items have to be collected within 3 working days; if not, the library will charge you costs of the order. If previously arranged, the material can wait for a longer period.
  • The loan period is 30 days. If the material is not reserved by another user, you can extend the loan for up to 3 times. After 120 days, it must be returned for revision. If not reserved, you can borrow it again immediately.

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