Access to materials

slika knjige knjižnicaIn libraries, we are used to walking among the bookshelves. The National and University Library is a little different in this respect. Our task is to collect material through the legal deposit, which means that we have the richest library collection in Slovenia. You can imagine the amount of material that is available to the user. Due to the enormous amount of library stock and the simultaneous space constraints, we have therefore set up our own library system within the warehouses. The most frequent and new material is stored in the Plečnik building, so you can access it quickly and elegantly. However, as we have a second large storage at a remote location (Leskoškova cesta 12, Ljubljana), our staff will diligently make sure that you get the material you want as soon as possible, delivering it daily to Turjaška Street.

You can find information about the material and its availability in the computer catalogue - KatNUK (COBISS+ - local databases - National Library). Information and Lending Department (ground floor, Room 9) can help you with your search.

To order material, open the record for the selected material in the computer catalogue - KatNUK (COBISS+). At the bottom of the page you will find the Reservation tab, which lists the possible pickup locations for the material. You select the pickup location where you want to collect the material you have ordered and click on the "reserve" button. Log in with your membership card number and password and complete the order process.

The Stock tab shows the location of the material and the number of copies in the library. Like the Reservations tab, the Stock tab also allows you to order materials via the "reserve" button. An additional iconikona v obliki balona ali navzgor obrnjene kaplje shows an informative list of possible pickup locations.

You will receive an email notification when the material is ready for you at the pickup location. The material will be waiting for you for 7 days, after which it will be returned to the storage.

Pickup locations are available:

  • Circulation Desk (Room 4)
  • Newspaper Reading Room,
  • Main Reading Room,
  • Information Centre (Room 9),
  • Music Collection,
  • Manuscript Collection Reading Room,
  • Cartographic, Pictorial and Ephemera Collections,
  • Delivery by post.

If you wish to borrow material at home, please select the pickup location "Circulation desk". Members without permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia who do not have a guarantor are not eligible for home borrowing.

When ordering materials for reading rooms, please select the appropriate pickup location or reading room where you wish to use the materials. 

Library materials can be reproduced by arrangement with the librarian who borrowed them to you.

If there is no "reserve" button in the catalogue information in the computer catalogue - KatNUK (COBISS+), then you can order the material in person from NUK by filling in a handwritten (yellow) order form or by contacting the special collections. You will not be notified separately about the delivery of material ordered by promissory note.

Locations of the library material


Main storage and reading rooms at Turjaška (delivery in 30 minutes)

locations of the library material
call number location
b The material that was in the collection of the Library and Information Science Collection is in the main storage (delivered to the Main Reading Room or to the Registration and Circulation desk in 30 minutes).
Č The Main Reading Room
GS Main Storage (materials are delivered to the Main Reading Room or the Registration and Circulation desk in 30 minutes)
P, SP Serials Collection (available in the Newspaper or the Main Reading Room)
RF Information and Lending Department
UK University Library (materials are delivered to the Registration and Circulation desk in 30 minutes)



Remote storage at Leskoškova (materials ordered by 10.30 are delivered at 13.00, no delivery on Saturdays)

locations of the library material
call number location
DS, DS1-, GDS, MDS, PDS, PKGDS, UDS, NG Remote storage



Special library collections (as a rule, materials ordered before 11:00 are delivered the next day, no delivery on Saturdays)

locations of the library material
call number location
D Slovenian Diaspora Publications Collection
EU, PKG Ephemera and Grey Literature Collection
G Cartographic Collection, Pictorial Collection
M Music Collection
R, RR Manuscript, Rare and Old Prints Collection
ZST The Collection of old prints  ‐ printed before 1850  (available in the Reading Room of the Manuscript Collection)
FL Film Collection

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