Interlibrary Loan

sliak medknjižnična izposoja knjigaInterlibrary loan services are available to all libraries participating in the international interlibrary loan system. The interlibrary loan service processes requests for recently published monographs. Older material and articles are copied if information from these sources is required. We also process requests on behalf of other Slovenian libraries. Interlibrary loan users are requested to find information using the Slovenian Union Catalogue. However, the catalogue does not yet include complete information about the collections held by participating Slovenian libraries.




Interlibrary loan requests can be submitted:

  • by OCLC ILL requests,
  • by email,
  • by mail: National and University Library, Interlibrary Loan, p.p. 259, 1001 Ljubljana,
  • by fax: + 386 1 4255 007.

Please contact us for an estimate of costs.

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