Mission, vision and values


The National and University Library is the national library of the Republic of Slovenia. Its key mission is to collect, protect and enable the use of the national collection of library materials, to provide professional support to libraries in performing public service, and to support the national bibliographic system. Its mission is also to enable the library’s membership in international associations. On the basis of a special contract between the Library and the University of Ljubljana, and in accordance with the Librarianship Act, and in agreement with its founder, the Library also performs the function of the University Library of the Ljubljana University. In compliance with the regulations on the protection of cultural heritage, the Library ensures the protection of Plečnik's and other heritage, used or possessed by the Library, and performs relevant archival activity.



The National and University Library (NUK) performs activities in the field of librarianship within the framework of a public service. It collects, processes, stores and disseminates library materials. With this mission, it is committed to providing access to a variety of library materials and electronic publications. For searching material and information, the Library offers various catalogues, databases and other information resources and services; librarians provide bibliographic and other IT products and services. For access to material that is not kept by the library, we participate in interlibrary loan; through the service, the library also disseminates its material to other libraries. As its users are the most important, the Library expands their information literacy skills to be able to use information resources without help. The Library also protect library material, which is a cultural monument.

The basic mission of the Library is closely connected to the identity of the Slovenian nation. NUK collects, processes, stores and distributes the Slovenika, the basic national collection: all library material in the Slovenian language, about Slovenia and Slovenes, of Slovenian authors, published by Slovenian publishers, members of the Italian and Hungarian national communities, the Roma community and other minority communities in Slovenia, as well as basic foreign literature. The Library provides accessibility of its material out of the country, especially to Slovenes living beyond the borders of the Republic of Slovenia. NUK is also the National Bibliographic Centre that makes available access to information on library materials to users at home and abroad by including data on the Slovenika publishing production in bibliographic collections, and by producing and publishing current and retrospective Slovenian national bibliography. Publications are marked with cataloguing record (CIP), international bibliographic control marks (ISSN, ISBN, ISMN) and other identification marks for printed and electronic publications. The Library also organizes and implements protection and restoration of library material, and carries out research, development and consulting work. It also runs weeding and deposit of material, and provides opinions for the export of nationally important material.

In accordance with the provisions of the contract, NUK implements duties of the university library of the Ljubljana University. The library’s activity is performed for students, higher education teachers and associates. The Library also supports study and research process, coordinates the library role at the University, directs acquisition, offer, deposit and weeding of the University library material. Special attention is given to legal deposits of higher education works. The Library also coordinates the interlibrary loan, the creation of bibliographies of higher education teachers, researchers and higher education associates of the University of Ljubljana. Library’s employees educate users to make effective use of library resources, and they also provide professional assistance to librarians of the University.

The Library keeps the register of libraries and performs the tasks of the library system development centre. It collects, processes and transmits statistical data on the operation of libraries, and makes opinions on fulfilment of the conditions set out in the rules for carrying out library activities. It also prepares general bases for the adoption of regulations and professional recommendations in the field of librarianship, and collects publications of Slovenian production. The Library specifies criteria regarding the acceptance of donations and weeding of library material. It also formulates instructions for professional processing and storage of nationally important local material. NUK offers professional education for librarians and senior librarians, organizes and carries out examinations. The Library director decides what professional titles from the field of librarianship are to be assigned to librarians. By participating in the adoption of the strategy for development of school libraries, the Library is also involved in the educational process: it participates in the adoption of the strategy for the development of school libraries, and outlines expert proposal of a three-year development plan for school libraries, and of public libraries, as well. The Library collects statistical data on the functioning of school libraries, and is a member of the National Council for Library Activity.

NUK takes part in the Management Board of the Institute of Information Science (IZUM). The Library coordinates drawing up professional bases for the national mutual bibliographic system, and in cooperation with IZUM develops the professional bases of the mutual catalogue. It organizes professional trainings and counselling; jointly with IZUM, it assesses competences of library professionals for their participation in mutual cataloguing. It provides quality control and the editing of bibliographic records in the mutual catalogue.

The Library takes care of Plečnik's and other heritage that the Library has in use, or owns it. It organizes events, exhibitions, seminars, congresses and other forms of communication of cultural values that fall within the scope of its activities. It performs the appropriate archival activities. The Library also provides translations, it publishes and sells books, and other publications referring to activities performed by the Library. It enables photographing, photocopying or reproduction and transport of library material. In accordance with special regulations, the Library performs other tasks, as well. Within the limits of its respective activities, the Library also provides contractual services



The Library collects and protects the national collection of library materials and makes it available to everyone. It professionally supports libraries and the national bibliographic system, and is a member of international library associations. The Library performs the tasks of the University Library of the University of Ljubljana. It takes care of the heritage. NUK is the Slovenian National Library.



At the end of the 2020-2024 development period, the Library will be organized to move to the new NUK 2 building, the collection will be established and annotated, the professional staff will have all the necessary competencies to work in the new premises. Plečnik's palace will be renovated, a new reading room, the Registration Office and a multi-purpose room will be furnished. The Library staff will effectively support knowledge transfer and offer to users several sources of information and additional material. The national collection, or Slovenika, will be digitized, and tools for easier and faster access to digital content will be established. The library will actively encourage developing of Slovenian libraries and librarianship, disseminate knowledge and share experiences, at home and abroad. The guiding principle will be professional excellence, the orientation point will be a library user.




The Library is focused on providing the highest quality of service to its users. Their confidence is achieving with credibility and impartiality. By improving the knowledge and skills, the Library employees strive for excellence and encourage professional development of the entire library system.


The Library employees are responsible and respectful in their mutual relations and towards users, partners and the environment. They take a professionally responsible approach to the preservation of Slovenia's written cultural and scientific heritage, enable growth of knowledge and awareness of national identity, and they actively participate in creating our society’s future.


The Library's policy is committed to an open and unrestricted access to knowledge for all. The widest possible access to data and information collected and stored by the library is guaranteed. Users are helped in acquiring skills for managing and evaluating information and their additional use for future knowledge.


Innovation which is encouraged and supported in all areas of the Library's operation is also put into practice. New ideas are appreciated, the Library can quickly adapt and manage changes brought about by the development of the society and the environment.

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