Kiss with Language

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For the first time, visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to see the earliest and the latest grammar books and dictionaries of the Slovenian language in one place.

Manuscripts and valuable book editions rarely to be seen and unknown, will be exhibited as well as the latest publications. The first part of the exhibition is a historical overview of the Slovenian grammar and lexicography from the beginnings in the middle Ages to the most recent works. The second part presents in details the present situation of grammatical and lexical manuals – printed, electronic and online.Visitors will have the opportunity to see some sources in electronic form.

The exhibition aims to show how grammatical and lexicographic works have always excited people: such manuals are the result of their hard and passionate work. For that reason, grammars and dictionaries are nothing but kiss with a language.

Dr. Kozma Ahačič (ZRC SAZU), dr. Mojca Smolej (FF UL)
Exhibition Room NUK
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am in 8pm, Saturday: 10am in 6pm.


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