When the dead teach the living – History of Anatomy

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The development of the anatomy from the earliest known systematic attempts to know the structure and the functioning of the human body, to the 20th century will be presented through scientific studies, manuals, anatomical atlases and other materials. They are kept in the National and University Library, Seminary Library, the Library of the Institute for the History of Medicine, the Institute of Anatomy of the Medical Faculty of Ljubljana and in private collections.

Each set will discuss in detail the progress and particularity of anatomy in the ancient times, middle Ages and modern times: the emphasis will be on the progress of section, ground-breaking works and important individuals who have contributed significantly to the development of this field. The phenomenon of the anatomical theatre, the impact of anatomy on art and the development of anatomy in our country will also be presented. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue and thematic presentations, an interdisciplinary roundtable on the human body in art, literature and philosophy will be organized as well.

prof. dr. Zvonka Zupanič Slavec, University of Ljubljana
dr. Sonja Svoljšak and Urša Kocjan, National and University Library
Exhibition Room NUK
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am in 8pm, Saturday: 10am in 6pm.


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