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19 April –20 May 2023

the entrance hall to the NUK Main Reading Room

Translations - Cultural bond between nations
on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Hungary


dekorativna slika dekorativna slika dekorativna slika


June 15, 2022–December 3, 2022

NUK Exhibition Room

Plečnik's Library:
created for all times


June 30, 2022

Main Reading Room,
Exhibition hall

Dobrodošli doma (Welcome home) 2022


December 22, 2022– May 6, 2023

 NUK Exhibition Hall

Time to live and time to die:
Karel Destovnik Kajuh (1922-1944)


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dekorativna slika


 September 28th 2021–
January 15th 2022

NUK Exhibition Room

Cartographic Treasures of Slovenian Territory


September 28th 2021–
January 15th 2022

NUK Cafe,
Plečnik's Hallway

Maps of our world (Zemljevidi našega sveta)

Exhibition of the Ljubljana Secondary school of design and photography


February 8th 2022–
May 9th 2022

NUK Exhibition Room

"Each Portrait is an Inimitable, a Unique World":
drawings by Melita Vovk


josipina naslovnica Nove revije dekorativna slika


September 9th 2020Manuscript, Old Prints and Rare Collection Reading Room

Presentation of Picture book Rožmanova Lenčica



“The peculiar thing about dreams is they sometimes come true”

Overview of Slovenian Independence Idea



June 23rd 2021–January 2nd 2022

Slovenian Ethnographic Museum

Impressions 30,
Memories of Slovenes around the World

ocassional Exhibition on the 30th Anniversary of the Slovenia's Independence


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September 26th 2018 - January 26th 2019
NUK Exhibition Room

“I am Cankar – That Says it All! “



February 14th - June 22nd 2019
NUK Exhibition Room

Beauty of a Book



decorative image decorative image decorative image


March 22nd - May 31st 2018
NUK Exhibition Room

From Many Lands


March 6th - March 19th 2018
NUK Exhibition Room

Book Art in Croatia


June 21st - September 15th 2018
NUK Exhibition Room

And Yet They Read Them - Banned Books in the Early Modern Age


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October 19th - November 25th 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

Portrayal of Slovenia during the National Awakening


October 5th - November 26th 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

Birth of New Homelands - Rich Creativity of Slovenian Refugees in Italy and Austria


December 3rd - February 28th 2018
NUK Exhibition Room

Happiness is in Books, Happiness is in Picture Books


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April 4th - June 10th 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

The Word of Our God Shall Stand For Ever - the 500th Anniversary of Reformation


June 20th - September 22nd 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

The Black Art in Colours


October 19th - November 25th 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

Portrayal of Slovenia during the National Awakening


razstava Trubarjev sklad - knjiga naslovna slika razstave naslovna slika razstave


June 21st - September 17th 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

Trubar Foundation in NUK


June 30th - November 26th 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

To the Promised Land: Slovenian Women in America


December 3rd 2016 - January 31st 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

Readers’ Society Movements on the Slovenian Territory


naslovna slika razstave razstava naslovna slika razstave


May 13th - June 18th 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

90 years of the Slovene PEN Centre


May 5th - June 24th 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

Kopitar and Vuk


April 7th - May 3rd 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

On the 75th Aniversary of Breda Smolnikar


naslovna slika razstave naslovna slika razstave Podobe slovenske Štajerske razstava slovenskaizseljenska matica - knjiga


March 18th - May 3rd 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

Children's Illustrations by Polona Kosec


February 4th – March 26 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

Images of Slovenian Styria


February 11th - March 11th 2016
Main Reading Room Lobby

65th Anniversary of Slovene Emigrant Association


naslovna slika razstave - portret Luka Pintar Fotografija razstav "Ko mrtvi žive uče" naslovna slika razstave Glasbeni ključi


February 5th - March 12th 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

Born to be a Librarian: Luka Pintar 


April 16 – August 29 2015
NUK Exhibition Room

When the dead teach the living – History of Anatomy


September 16 – November 7 2015
Plečnik's Hallway

Make The Right Decision! Propaganda during the Second World War on Slovenian territory


naslovna slika razstave Poljub z jezikom    


November 19 – January 30 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

Kiss with Language Grammar books and dictionaries of Slovenian language throughout history until today


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