Visiting the library during the national holidays

The Main Reading Room will be open for tourists on Wednesday, October 31st 2018, between 10am and 6pm, as well as on Saturday, November 3rd 2018, between 2.30pm and 6pm. The library Café will be open as well.

The library will be closed on Thursday, November 1st 2018.



Žiga Herberstein's Biography on

Jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Library is enabling access to a digital copy of one of earlier and very rare biographies of Žiga Herberstein, a diplomat and a travel writer. The biography from 1561 also includes Herberstein’s six full-scale portraits in different outfits that he wore during his travels, several depictions of sovereigns he had visited, as well as scenes from his travels. The biography is accessible on The Digital Library of Slovenia -



The exhibition To the promised land - Slovenian Women in the USA - on American tour

From February 7 until March 7, the exhibition is on display in the Slovenian Museum and Archives in Cleveland. The exhibition will then move to the Cleveland State University and Slovenian Museum and Archives, and later to the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, Washington D. C.

Since its discovery, the North America was considered the Promised Land - people came there in large numbers to find better living conditions. Slovenians massively emigrated to America in the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century; after 1945, a new wave of emigrants followed. In the early 20th century, emigrants born in Slovenia represented a majority of the community; nowadays, the leading role has been taken over by generation born in the USA, so the American-born descendants of emigrants represent more than ninety percent of the Slovenian emigrant population.



EoD celebrating the international public domain day

Thousands of Works Newly Released from Copyright are available for Digitisation at a Special Price.

Request digitisation for 10 euros in January:


Day of Slovenian Literature in Skopje

On November 6 20017, Day of the Slovenian Literature in Skopje was organised at the initiative of the National and University Library "St. Clement of Ohrid. The aim of the event was to strengthen long and excellent relations between Macedonian and Slovenian writers and national libraries, as well as the promotion of Slovenian literature.

After the Second World War, renowned Macedonian writers have translated the most important Slovenian literary works. After independence of both countries, translation activity has intensified so contemporary literary classics and promising young Slovenian authors are printed in the Macedonian language. At a literary event in the Macedonian national library, three Slovenian authors, well known in Macedonia, presented their works - Stanka Hrastelj, Jurij Hudolin and Ivo Svetina, President of the Slovenian Writers’ association.

Directors of the national libraries, Ms Senka Naumovska and Ms Martina Rozman Salobir, signed a cooperation agreement between the two libraries. They also participated at the panel discussion on cooperation in the field of culture between the countries, attended by authors, translators, Dr. Milan Jazbec, ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Macedonia, and representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia. On this occasion, two exhibitions were opened: Slovenian literary works translated into Macedonian in the Macedonian National Library, and works by Slovenian painters in the Osten gallery.

We are happy and proud that we support cultural cooperation, and strengthen literary and linguistic contacts between the two nations. Next year we will organize a similar event in NUK: a part of rich creativity of contemporary Macedonian authors translated in Slovenian will be presented.



New Donation by Boris Pahor

Last week, Boris Pahor, the doyen of the Slovenian literature, donated to the Manuscript Collection of the Library another part of his extraordinarily large personal archive - mostly an extensive and diversified correspondence with respectable Slovenian and foreign intellectuals. The gift comprises five meters of material! On Saturday August 26, the writer will celebrate his 104th birthday. He is still a lively and lucid interlocutor. NUK wholeheartedly thanks the respected writer for his gift and joins to congratulations for his honourable anniversary.



SpringerMaterials and Nano Data Collections

Until November 30 2017, test access to SpringerMaterials and Nano Data Collections will be available from locations of the University of Ljubljana, the Central Technological Library and the National and University Library.

SpringerMaterials is the largest specialized collection, dealing with more than 290,000 materials and over 3,000 physical and chemical properties in all major fields of materials science. The contents of the SpringerMaterials collection are compiled from scientific sources, such as Landolt Börnstein, MSI Eureka, Linus Pauling Files, Springer Handbooks and others. The collection offers several types of searches, ways to improve search results, and a number of advanced and interactive functionalities for visualizing and analysing data on materials, which means saving time.

Nano is part of the Nature Research, it is specifically designed for nanotechnology. It combines hand-indexed articles and data from 171 scientific journals, including leading publishers, such as AAAS, ACS, Elsevier, RSC, Nature, Springer, Wiley and many others. By combining the key functionality of databases and information tools, Nano provides insights into more detailed information about nanomaterials, such as properties, applications, methods of preparation, and toxicity.

The online seminar and video for using the Nano and SpringerMaterials collections give more information as to what the collections are offering.


Ivan Vrhovnik's Legacy

The Library Manuscript Collection acquired many letters, photos and correspondences of Ivan Vrhovnik, a famous priest of the Trnovo parish church; he was also a writer and an enthusiastic historian. The Library is most grateful to Ms Marta Benedik from Grosuplje for the valued material.



Ivan Sivec's Donation to the Manuscript Collection

The Manuscript Collection received a new, comprehensive gift: personal archive of Ivan Sivec, the most prolific Slovenian writer who has published 144 books; over 340,000 copies of his works have already been printed! Sivec writes texts for the elderly and children in various literary genres - from historical stories, biographical and documentary works, psychological novels, peasant stories, to texts for songs. The archive currently includes ten boxes of manuscripts of his works with related material and documentation. We are most grateful to the author for the valuable contribution to the treasury of the Slovenian written heritage.



Literary Legacy of Dr Tine Debeljak in NUK

The Library has received the literary legacy of Dr Tine Debeljak, a literary critic, poet, writer, editor and translator (born in Škofja Loka). Since 1948, he worked in the field of literature and culture in Argentina; his family joined him in 1954. After being ignored for a long time, Dr Debeljak is on a symbolic level returning to his native country. The Library is most grateful to his daughters Meta and Jožejka for their valuable donation to the National and University Library.



Test access to Chinese database CNKI

Until 22 April 2017, the University of Ljubljana enables access to China's extensive multidisciplinary collection CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure). It is the main Chinese national information project launched by the Tsinghua University, and supported by various ministries. It is an extremely sophisticated collection of Chinese journals, doctoral dissertations, master’s dissertations, and newspapers, papers from conferences, chronicles, reference material, encyclopaedias, patents, standards, and results of technological researches, laws and regulations. CNKI includes and enables access to 90% of Chinese information resources.

More information about the CNKI content is on the website:

From locations of the University of Ljubljana (without registration).



On March 21, on the World Poetry Day, a new campaign entitled #AllezLiterature started within the In the coming month, poetry from around the world will flood social networks. The power of poetry will point to its amusement and diversity, and its close connection or interlinking with our lives. We are particularly proud that Simon Gregorčič’s poem Soči (To the River Soča) launched the campaign: Filip, a nice three-year old boy, tells the poem - it is available on Facebook and Twitter.

More on the Europeana website.



Analysis of Two Codices

On Friday, 10 March, the Library hosted a team of experts from the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Vienna and the University of Krems. In the framework of a research project of old Slavic manuscripts, they analysed two the most important medieval Old Church Slavonic codices of the Kopitar collection (Codex Suprasliensis and Bosnian Evangeliary). Through spectroscopic analysis, they studied materials present in the ink and parchment, and they carried out microbiological tests on parchment. The Library will also receive results of the research that would undoubtedly significantly contribute to the study of ancient cultural heritage. 


Literary Legacy of Dr Tine Debeljak in NUK

The Library has received the literary legacy of Dr Tine Debeljak, a literary critic, poet, writer, editor and translator (born in Škofja Loka). Since 1948, he worked in the field of literature and culture in Argentina; his family joined him in 1954. After being ignored for a long time, Dr Debeljak is on a symbolic level returning to his native country. The Library is most grateful to his daughters Meta and Jožejka for their valuab

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