The National and University Library collection can be browsed through different electronic catalogues. The central catalogue is the KatNUK which holds bibliographic records for most of the material deposited in the library. The oldest catalogue (1774-1947) is accessible via the Internet where you can browse digitised catalogue cards. Information on manuscript materials is currently available in PDF format.

More information about materials is available in the Union Catalogue of public libraries and in the WorldCat Union Catalogue managed by OCLC (Online Computer Library Center).


KatNUK is the main library catalogue. It is accessible on the web site Cobiss/OPAC and the mobile application mCobiss. It contains more than 1.250.000 bibliographic records of material dated from 1774 until nowadays.

The catalogue includes:

  • Monographs: books, contemporary cartographic material (atlases, maps, etc.), graphic material (photos, posters, drawings, prints, etc.), videos (video tapes, DVDs, etc.);
  • Electronic resources (CD-ROMs, online resources, etc.), sound recordings (gramophone records, cassettes, music CDs, etc.), printed music (sheet music), etc.;
  • Contemporary periodicals: journals, magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, etc., and
  • Articles published from 1990 onwards in the Slovenian professional periodicals.

The KatNUK catalogue does not cover all of the material kept in the National and University Library. Records for older serials and older materials kept in special collections (the Manuscripts, Music and Cartographic Collection, and the Collection of Special Library Material) are not included. If you don't find material in the KatNUK catalogue, you are advised to search the card catalogues in the main library building (Turjaška 1).


This catalogue includes approximately 97,000 digitised catalogue cards representing material acquired from 1774 to 1947: monographs (books), serial publications (newspapers, magazines, calendars, etc.), and book collections. About 65,000 cards describing books have been downloaded into the computerised catalogue. In the catalogue you can browse the cards classified by author, title of serial publication, or title of book collection.

When searching by title you must follow the rule that the noun is always in the first place (e.g. “Slovenian people” is searched as “people Slovenian”, or “Slovenian Talija” is searched as “Talija Slovenian”, etc.).


The Manuscripts Catalogue is available in PDF format. It includes the inventory of catalogued manuscripts arranged by call numbers, consisting of a serial number and the Ms location mark. It consists of records ranging from the oldest manuscripts – the so-called medieval codices originated between the 9th and the 16th centuries - to the most recent legacies with the exception of the Kopitar Collection which is accessible digitally. You can search the catalogue by the Ctrl+F command, either by words or by parts of words. You have to order the material in person in the Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection. The material is available only to the Library members in the collection reading room for academic, scientific and research purposes.


The shared catalogue of Slovenian libraries includes:

  • A combined catalogue of over 430 libraries,
  • More than 4,5 million bibliographic records of monographs (books, maps, pictorial material, video cassettes, audio cassettes, music CDs, sheet music, etc.), serial publications (magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, etc.), and articles.

The shared catalogue of Slovenian libraries is the most extensive source of articles published in Slovene serial publications.


WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content and services. It includes:

  • More than 200 million bibliographic records of books, cartographic material (atlases, maps), visual materials (photographs, posters, drawings, etc.), videos (video cassettes, DVDs, films), electronic resources (CD-ROMs, floppy disks, web resources), sound recordings (music CDs, cassettes), music publications (sheet music), and serial publications (magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, etc.),
  • records of more than 70,000 libraries worldwide, including NUK which has been contributing Slovenian National Bibliography to the catalogue from 1989 onward,
  • simultaneous searching in databases of articles of the same provider,
  • information on the nearest library storing the requested material.


Card catalogues of collections can be browsed in NUK, on 1 Turjaška Street, Ljubljana. Catalogues include information about books, periodicals, articles, and other material that can be searched by cards arranged alphabetically by authors, titles of periodicals and book collections, or by call numbers. Card catalogues include information which, in most cases, is not available in electronic catalogues.

NAME Catalogue

The NUK name catalogue consists of three parts:

  • From 1774 to 1947 – also accessible in digitized form (location: Manuscript and Rare Books Collection, 2nd floor);
  • From 1948 to 1965 (location: Information Centre, ground floor);
  • From 1966 to 1992 (location: Information Centre, ground floor).

All three catalogues are included in the KatNUK catalogue.


Manuscript and Rare Books Collection/ CALL NUMBER, RR, P, B:

  • Manuscript catalogue;
  • Inventory catalogue;
  • Catalogue of reference library;
  • Facsimiles catalogue;
  • Rare books catalogue;
  • Incunabula catalogue;
  • Film collection;
  • Catalogue of partisan and anti-revolutionary prints.

Location: 2nd floor

Map and Pictorial COLLECTION / CALL NUMBER – G:

  • Catalogue of maps and atlases;
  • Catalogue of publishers of cartographic material;
  • Catalogue of portraits;
  • Catalogue of Slovenian posters;
  • Catalogue of pictorial materials.

Location: 1st floor


  • Catalogue of sheet music (author- title and subject catalogue): for sheet music acquired by 1967 or 1995, and manuscripts acquired until 1967 or 2005;
  • Catalogue of sound recordings: for gramophone records and sound recordings acquired by 1994;
  • Catalogue of documentary material (Chronicle): concert programs, newspaper clippings, list of works and personal documents, letters and other non-music manuscripts from the legacy of Slovenian composers and music archives of associations, obtained by 2004;
  • Catalogue of graphic material (iconography);
  • Catalogue of Slovenian texts set to music.

Location: 3rd floor

SLOVENIAN bibliography:

  • Catalogue of Slovenian books from 1550 to 1992;
  • Title catalogue of Slovenian books from 1945 to 1991;
  • Catalogue of Slovenian book collections from 1945 to1991;
  • Catalogue of Slovenian newspapers and journals from 1797 to 1995;
  • Catalogue of articles published in Slovenian newspapers and journals from 1797 to 1990.

Location: ground floor, space behind the door num. 37


  • Catalogue of emigrant print

Location: 2rd floor


  • Ephemera catalogue

Location: 1st floor


The Union Catalogue includes publications held in major Slovenian libraries with the exception of NUK publications. The catalogue contains:

  • Foreign scientific and professional publications published until 1982; Slovene and Yugoslav books, newspapers and magazines published until 1945;
  • Doctoral theses and other types of grey literature published in former Yugoslavia after 1945 (incomplete).

The catalogue is arranged alphabetically by author or title. It has 4 parts::

  • Books (up to three authors),
  • anonymous works (books of more than three authors or with a title only),
  • magazines,
  • congresses and discussions.

The catalogue is partially accessible in the Cobiss/OPAC union catalogue.
Location: ground floor, behind the door No. 10

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