Library spaces and equipment

Library users and other visitors need to respect the House rules of the National and university library.

SPACES for Study

The Library has 330 readers’ seats in:

  • The Main Reading Room with 176 seats. Seat reservation is required. Library members should make a reservation in the cloakroom.
  • The Newspaper Reading Room with 37 seats. Seat reservation is not necessary.
  • Special collections rooms with 41 seats. Seat reservation is not necessary.
  • Basement hallway with 20 seats. Seat reservation is not necessary.
  • The Information Centre with 21 computer workstations and 16 readers’ seats. Seat reservation is not necessary. The space is also available to non-members.


The Library provides free access to the Internet for its members and other users through the following wireless networks::

  • Libroam (free wireless network for the members of this or other libraries),
  • Eduroam (free wireless network for employees and students of public higher education institutions, employees and students of primary and secondary schools, and employees of research organisations), and
  • NUK network (free wireless network accessible with the password to be found at the entrance of the Information Centre).

We advise users to read the instructions for use first. If you cannot install the client or use the networks, please contact the Information Centre.

The use of laptops and other mobile devices (e.g. notebooks) is allowed in all library premises intended for users.

Computer workstations in the Library are intended for study and research purposes only. They are found in the Library’s study spaces. The majority of workstations are located in the Computer and Learning Space.

Printing and Copying

Reproduction of library material is allowed only in agreement with the reference librarian who has given you the material. Photocopying and printing is performed in the library premises. When reproducing library material on self-service copiers, users are responsible for compliance with the legal provisions.

  • Self-service printer
    • Your own documents saved on a USB flash drive may be printed on the Printbox self-service printer. Documents from the Internet can be printed from PCs in the Information Centre. Printed pages are to be paid and collected at the Registration & Circulation Desk.
  • User’s personal devices:
    • Reproduction of the Library material is allowed only in the Library premises using its technical equipment. Reproduction with one’s own technical equipment (e.g. digital camera) must be approved by the Director upon a written request.


Other items can be stored in the library basement lockers. A locker can be rented for a day or for a longer period — 30 or 90 days.



Library materials are kept at different locations: onsite storage, offsite storage and special collections storages. With the exception of few collections, the users cannot access the bookshelves by themselves; materials are only available by placing your order.

If you need help in ordering and accessing the library materials, please contact us by phone + 3861 2001 188 or by e-mail Our reference librarians will collect the material you need – depending on its accessibility, working hours etc., and deliver it to the appropriate reading room.



Information on library services, library materials, electronic resources, etc., is available by:

  • Phone + 386 1 2001 188,
  • E-mail,
  • Filling-out the web from Ask us
  • Asking for assistance from the librarian in the Information Centre, the Main Reading Room or in the Special Collections reading rooms.

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