Slovenian Emigrant Association – on the occasion of its 65th anniversary

The Slovenian Emigrant Association (SIM) has been active since 1951. During its 65 years of continuous operation, the Association has published many books thanks to good co-operation with Slovenian emigrants living all over the world. 

naslovnica razstave Slovenska izseljenska matica - knjigaThe exhibition has three parts. The first will present the Rodna gruda journal that was published for 51 years; it was a very popular and widely read among emigrants. Nowadays, it is available in electronic form. The second part will present Slovenian emigrant calendars published between 1954 and 2005. It was designed for publishing articles about the history of Slovenian emigrants, biographies of famous Slovenian emigrants, descriptions of organizations, associations, libraries, national and workers' homes, newspapers, schools, parishes and churches as well as information on the homeland. Books written by emigrants and published by the Slovenian Emigrant Association will be shown in the third part of the exhibition. Literary creation of our countrymen around the world is very rich; it represents a significant part of the Slovenian literature.

The Slovenian Emigrant Association (SIM) and Jasmina Ilič Draković (SIM)
Main Entrance Hall
Monday – Friday: 8am - 8pm Saturday: 9am – 2pm.


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