Cartographic Treasures of the National and University Library

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The cartographic collection of the National and University Library keeps exceptional treasures that in many ways tell stories about the history of the Slovenian nation, as well as the development of human knowledge and culture. This is notably the case of cartographic masterpieces that are undoubtedly among the most beautiful and the richest in content of the collection. The Library preserves about 150 maps from the period between 1520 and 1850, which show today's Slovenian territory or a part of it. They offer a unique insight into understanding of the history, art, science and politics, as well as of our own cultural heritage.

The online exhibition Cartographic Treasures of the National and University Library presents a selection of ten maps showing today's territory of Slovenia or its parts from the middle of the 16th century, when the first independent cartographic works of Slovenian territory were created, to the end of the 19th century, when cartography developed into a modern science. The exceptional work done by masters of cartography after decades of measurements, observations and drawings, reveals the significance of the map as a crossroad of expressions of diverse knowledge and skills - as a reflection of military, political, economic, cultural, religious and social patterns and as a phenomenon that stands in the midway between science, technique and artwork.




Cartographic Treasures of the National and University Library
Online exhibition

Production: The National and University Library
Ljubljana, May 2020
On its behalf: Viljem Leban, director

Exhibition texts are partially summarized from the book: Gašperič, P., Šolar, R. in Zorn, M. (2020). Kartografski zakladi slovenskega ozemlja = Cartographic treasures of Slovenian territory. Založba ZRC


1. Wolfgang Lazius: Ducatus Carnioliae et Histriae una cum Marcha Windorum (The Duchy of Carniola and Istria with the Windic March), 1561
2. Pietro Coppo: Histriae tabula (Istria), 1573
3. Gerhard Kremer Mercator, Willem Jansz. Blaeu:  Karstia, Carniola, Histria et Windorum Marchia (Karst, Carniola, Istria, and the Windic March), 1635
4. Georg Matthaüs Vischer: Styriae Ducatus Fertilitsimi Nova Geographica Descriptio (A New Geographical Description of the Most Fertile Duchy of Styria), 1678 
5. Johann Baptista Homann: Tabula Ducatus Carniolae Vindorum Marchiae et Histriae (Map of the Duchy of Carniola, the Windic March, and Istria), 1714-1724 
6. Janez Dizma Florjančič pl. Grenfeld: Ducatus Carnioilae Tabula Chorographica (Chorographic Map of the Duchy of Carniola), 1744 
7. Baltazar Hacquet: Mappa Litho-Hydrographica Nationis Slavicae (Lithological and Hydrological Map of the Slavic Nations), 1778 
8. Joseph Karl Kindermann: Oberkrain oder der Laybacher Kreis (Upper Carniola or the Ljubljana District), 1797 
9. Henrik Freyer: Special-Karte des Herzogthums Krain (Detailed Map of the Duchy of Carniola), 1844-1846 
10. Peter Kozler: Map of Slovenian Territory and Regions, 1853

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