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Conference SEEDI 2012

SEEDI (South-Eastern European Digitisation Initiative) is an international effort to develop competence in digitisation, access and preservation of cultural and scientific heritage in the South-Eastern European countries. It aims to:

  • Build awareness on the need for digitisation of cultural and scientific heritage in the South-Eastern Europe,
  • Mobilize the human and material resources existing in the region,
  • Improve communication between centres having similar scientific interest and to disseminate scientific and practical information in the field,
  • Facilitate the formation of projects that would include partners from the South Eastern Europe,
  • Foster collaboration between the EU and South-Eastern Europe countries.

This year‛s 7th SEEDI Conference will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 17th and 18th May 2012. Its‛ aim is to present and exchange experiences with new information technologies, standards and other aspects of digitisation, access and preservation of cultural and scientific heritage. It will review current research, as well as the implementation issues, particularly metadata models and data-exchange standards formed through designing and managing the access to e-content. It will discuss modalities of free and open access to digitised materials, including the questions of intellectual property and copyright protection. On the other hand, the Conference seeks to further promote the transfer of scientific knowledge into practical technological solutions and will also attract researchers from private companies dealing with digitisation to present their research and technological work.

The conference will take place on May 17th to 18th 2012 in Center Evropa, Dalmatinova 4, Ljubljana.