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October 19th - November 25th 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

Portrayal of Slovenia during the National Awakening


October 5th - November 26th 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

Birth of New Homelands - Rich Creativity of Slovenian Refugees in Italy and Austria


December 3rd - February 28th 2018
NUK Exhibition Room

Happiness is in Books, Happiness is in Picture Books



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April 4th - June 10th 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

The Word of Our God Shall Stand For Ever - the 500th Anniversary of Reformation


June 20th - September 22nd 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

The Black Art in Colours


razstava Trubarjev sklad - knjiga naslovna slika razstave naslovna slika razstave


June 21st - September 17th 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

Trubar Foundation in NUK


June 30th - November 26th 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

To the Promised Land: Slovenian Women in America


December 3rd 2016 - January 31st 2017
NUK Exhibition Room

Readers’ Society Movements on the Slovenian Territory


naslovna slika razstave razstava naslovna slika razstave


May 13th - June 18th 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

90 years of the Slovene PEN Centre


May 5th - June 24th 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

Kopitar and Vuk


April 7th - May 3rd 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

On the 75th Aniversary of Breda Smolnikar


naslovna slika razstave naslovna slika razstave Podobe slovenske Štajerske razstava slovenskaizseljenska matica - knjiga


March 18th - May 3rd 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

Children's Illustrations by Polona Kosec


February 4th – March 26 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

Images of Slovenian Styria


February 11th - March 11th 2016
Main Reading Room Lobby

65th Anniversary of Slovene Emigrant Association


naslovna slika razstave - portret Luka Pintar Fotografija razstav "Ko mrtvi žive uče" naslovna slika razstave Glasbeni ključi


February 5th - March 12th 2016
Plečnik's Hallway

Born to be a Librarian: Luka Pintar 


April 16 – August 29 2015
NUK Exhibition Room

When the dead teach the living – History of Anatomy


September 16 – November 7 2015
Plečnik's Hallway

Make The Right Decision! Propaganda during the Second World War on Slovenian territory


naslovna slika razstave Poljub z jezikom    


November 19 – January 30 2016
NUK Exhibition Room

Kiss with Language Grammar books and dictionaries of Slovenian language throughout history until today


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